Friday, March 29, 2013

A Friend of Zak's

When we were at Angel House, meeting Zak for the first time, we also met some of his friends. Some of them have families waiting for them, but many don't.

Many, so very many precious children are still waiting for their families to find them.

There was one boy in particular, a little boy who was so sad when he met us because he knew we would be taking his friend away from him. A little boy who does not yet have a family.

One year ago, my friend Dawn paid a visit to Angel House, where she met a little boy who did not have a family. Eva boldly asked Dawn if she would advocate for him, to us specifically.

Praise God, our MingMing is an orphan no more!

Eva, reminded me while we were talking of how we came to know of Zak, and then she gave me pictures of his friend. She boldly asked us to pass on the gift of advocacy that was given to us. So, I want to introduce you to Zak's friend Yu.

Yu is four years old and has cerebral palsy like Zak and Suhn. Our best guess based on the short time we were with him is that his CP is more involved than our kiddos. You can read more about him on the angel house website here.

He was so sad when we saw him, but Kory was still able to get some smiles from him. He is precious and he  needs a family.

I am so thankful he is living at Angel House, but the truth is, he cannot stay there forever. Eventually if he does not get adopted, he will have to return to the orphanage. It is not a decision they make quickly, but it is a decision that they have to make.

The thought of this precious boy moving back to the orphanage breaks my heart. I think it could break his as well. Will you help me find his family? Will you pray for this sweet boy? Will you share this blog post with others? 

I can't tell you for sure how to find his file or how to begin the process (although I have a few ideas, feel free to e-mail me - see sidebar). But then, we didn't really know how to begin when we first saw Zak's picture. God provides. 

It won't be easy, I can guarantee that, BUT this little boy needs, NEEDS someone to take a chance on him. He needs a family. 

Could his family be yours?


Our Journey to Grace and Olivia said...

okay this post had me in tears, my God use your words to strike the heart of the one who is to be his forever family!

Elastigirl said...

I love this kiddo! I am so, so happy you're advocating for him!