Thursday, May 27, 2010


They scare me.

This fear dates back to my Chicago days. As I'd walk down our quaint street, past neighbors sitting on park benches painted with the colors of the Italian flag, squirrels would scamper across my path. Sometimes they would stop and stare. The closer I got to them, the more defiant their stares would become. They'd invade my personal space.

More times than I'd care to remember we played this freakish, squirrely game of chicken. My steps becoming more tentative the closer I got to the squirrel, wondering when he would turn and run. If he would turn and run.

Some days they would run at me. Darting away at the last moment. Taunting me. Making me want to run away, climb a tree, run back to my apartment and never leave again. Anything to get away.

I think they could feel my fear.

Praise God I no longer have to deal with city squirrels but the wounds they left are still there.

The squirrels that inhabit my backyard today are not as aggressive (again Praise God!). They act afraid of me. But I'm starting to wonder if it is just an act. Some vandalism has been occurring... I fear this could be the beginning of city squirrel behavior.

Two years ago they ate Mya's sunflower. Her one sunflower that would tell her when school was ready to start.

Last year they laid low.

But this summer, two pepper plants have "mysteriously" disappeared from our garden. Some flowers that were planted are missing leaves and showing stunted growth. Maybe it's rabbits...

I think that is exactly what the squirrels want me to think.

They are mean little critters and I wish they would leave me alone!

If I wasn't so afraid, this would be war!

In all seriousness, I'm guessing the pepper plant eaters were probably rabbits, but I don't have strong feelings towards rabbits. That said, I'd love any tips you can give me on how to keep garden-eating vermin OUT of the garden!!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A post... that there is at least one post between "wordless Wednesdays," enjoy a few random tidbits from my day. :)

1. Today was the last full day of school. In honor of that special occasion, Mya's school has a play day. I helped out at the Knockout station where I constantly reminded Kindergartners and First graders to keep shooting.

2. Made a trip to the grocery store with the boys. Sean entered the store screaming. I almost turned around and went home. He did calm down and the rest of the trip was relatively painless.

3. A telemarketer hung up on me today. Seriously! She thought I was renewing a subscription, I misunderstood and told her I did not want to renew and she began to argue with me. Surprised that she cared so much whether I received Better Homes and Gardens, I attempted to reason with her. And then she hung up!

Not sure why I took the call in the first place, possibly the waiting for Suhn has addled my brain. That'll teach me!

4. Waiting for travel approval. So, so tired of waiting for travel approval...

That's all I've got.

Thanks for your time.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Bed for Suhn

My budget was $50. We had my old twin bed frame, but no mattress.

Is it impossible to find a mattress set for under $50? No, but its not an easy find. So, I decided to pray for a twin mattress set for Suhn.

I ran across several ads, but they were either too expensive or had already sold.

So I kept praying.

Last week I noticed a garage sale ad that listed a twin mattress set. I marked my calendar and showed up at the sale two minutes after it was scheduled to open. The woman was still setting up when I drove by. I only saw a mattress, no box spring, but decided to stop anyway.

"Yes, the mattress comes with a box springs," she said.

When I asked how much, she threw out "$10?".

And then she asked, "Are you Kory's wife?"

It turns out Kory had been her daughter's physical therapist a few years back.

She told me we could have the bed for FREE!

I left praising God.

It was a small request, maybe even a little silly, but God answered!

I'm so thankful He cares about the little things.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


I'm not going to lie. I want to be on a plane to China TODAY. Realistically it might be another 4 weeks before we go (maybe more, hopefully less). I'm praying for a miraculously quick travel date. I believe God can answer that prayer although He might not.

Over the weekend I've been at peace with the timing whatever that might be, even if it means waiting longer than I want to. I trust His timing. It even started to feel like I could do this waiting thing with some measure of patience.

And then I logged on to my favorite Chinese blog and was greeted with this heading:

The Four Children Soon to the United States

Followed by these photos (Suhn is in the pink coat and hat):

And all that patience flew out the window. They are expecting us soon and I don't want to disappoint.

We're coming as soon as we can sweet girl! We are aching to bring you home! We have prepared a special room just for you. We pray for you every day, you are never far from our thoughts. Your brothers and sister ask about you often. They want you home today.

Soon baby girl, we will be together. I know it will be a transition for you, how can you even begin to imagine the changes that are coming your way. I pray you will feel at home quickly; that you will feel loved and safe in our arms. I know it will take time, but know this...

Home is waiting for you.
We are coming soon sweet girl, we are coming soon.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

One Step Closer!

***A quick sidenote to all visiting from We Are That Family. To read more of our adoption journey, click on the Chinese flag on my sidebar. We'd so appreciate your prayers as we near the end of this adoption journey, for our family and for our daughter Suhn!***

Anticipation. It's building every day that goes by.

Because every day that goes by means we are one day closer to meeting Suhn and bringing her home.

Today we received an e-mail upon which we have been waiting for a little over two weeks. Our Article 5 is on its way to Beijing! For all of you not familiar with the China adoption process, that means China has everything they need to issue us Travel Approval, and Travel Approval means we can bring Suhn home!

They say it takes 2-4 weeks to get TA. I am hoping for less. :)

No matter what happens, I'm trusting God's timing is perfect. He knows the ins and outs of our situation and Suhn's. He knows the level of anticipation I can stand before it transforms into reality.

So I'm waiting, filled with anticipation, trying to be patient, praying for my girl and giving thanks that we are one step closer!

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Happy Mother's Day to Me!!!

Our agency told me updates were possible, but they didn't have any control over them. It was up to her orphanage in China. And while I did receive an update showing she had gained a 1/2 pound in the last few months and lost 1 cm of height, I wanted pictures. The weight and height information was nice, but not enough.

Yesterday I received a gift. A PRICELESS GIFT!!! Through a yahoo group I made a connection with two other mommas whose children live in the same foster home as Suhn. And I found out, the foster home HAS A BLOG!


Pictures of her at a Christmas party, at the zoo, being loved on by her therapist (a person who shows up in many of the pictures who I would LOVE to meet!).
I spent hours going through all 61 pages of blog saving every picture I could find. I found the post sharing that she had a family who would be coming for her in 3-6 months. I found posts commenting on her beautiful eyes. I found posts proving that she is loved and will be missed when she leaves. I discovered new details about her history and the progress she was made with her disability.

Of course I have to share a few, to show off my little girl, my precious gift!

Happy Mother's Day Everyone!