Thursday, October 18, 2007

Interview with a Mom - Louanne

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your family.

We are a Christian family of five; Dad works in upper level management, I stay at home and homeschool the three boys (one is already in his teens). I homeschool not because I think I can do a better job than any teacher or that my kids are smarter or better than what they are teaching in school, but because it's condusive to my husband's travel schedule. Plus, we have been blessed with the opportunity for me to stay home with them and the biggest reward is seeing how they are developing into thoughtful, hard working, kind, young men who are not embarassed to pray in the presence of others. The boys enjoy being home and the oldest has said he is ready for high school this next year.

Why do you love being a mom?

Most days I enjoy being a Mom with the emphasis on most. There are a few days, though, that I wish I could walk out the door to leave the responsibility of molding our boys into godly men to someone else. The infant years were sweet and cuddly with many sleepless nights, the toddler years busy with explaining how things work and why as I waded through the toys all over the living room floor, the elementary years were/are spent discovering good friends and being a friend to others as you would have them be to you. Jr. High is highly focused on becoming a godly man while resisting peer pressure as he begins to wade through the swamp of the "me first, sex-crazed culture."

What has been the most challenging part about being a mom for you?

We have found the most challenge in sticking to our family's established godly guidelines, especially when neighbors/friends are doing it, or can say it, or can see it, or can play it, etc. I hear myself many times say, "I don't care what _____ is doing. I am not his/her mother and I care about what you are going to become in life and that will not help you develop godly character traits."

Share your favorite bible verse and why it means so much to you.

My favorite Bible verse is John 3:5&6. "Trust in the Lord with all my heart, leaning not on my own understanding, in all my ways acknowledging Him and He will direct my path." Heartache is going to come in all of our lives. Over and over when I have cried out to God for guidance...He has been faithful in giving it. Even when it seems He doesn't hear... He still cares... I know He does. I haven't always understood why things have happened in my life but I will continue to trust Him who is directing my path. Of that, I do have confidence.

What do you like to listen to in your car (music, talk radio, nothing, etc.)?

I have found that if I listen to Christian radio, a blend of speakers and music, my life is continuously being built on a solid rock. My thoughts are definitely more righteous, my interaction with others is flavored with the salt of God's word, I am more comfortable in sharing what Jesus has done in my life, and can actually say I think nothing of going out of my way for others, even stangers, when I am feeding constantly on God's word.

How has your mom influenced your parenting?

My mother has been a huge influence in my role of being a mother. You know when you are young you might say, "I'll never be that way with my kids." And 20 years later I stop and smile to myself thinking I remember when Mom used to do this. She always put church first over other activites and was involved in church. She always had an open door for others, even if the house was not spotless. She taught me to give of myself, even when you don't feel like it or they don't deserve it. I find it a compliment when people say, "You're just like your mother." Because, you see, I was adopted and all that was learned from seeing not as an inherited characeristic.

Do you have any parting advice for young moms?

If I had one thing to share with young moms.....hmmm, I think it would be: Your children are only this young once. Reinforce to them that God is real through BIble stories and prayer (they will need it when they are older). Enjoy them while they are at every stage. Have patience with them. Take time to hold them and read to them, take family photos, take videos (your kids will truly enjoy watching themselves in later years - plus, you see yourself and your spouse in those home movies and remember when life was simpler and your love more blinded and are reminded of what you have together).

Parting advice: Take time for yourself once in awhile to have lunch with your friends, get your hair cut/trimmed, paint your nails, bask in the pleasure of being a woman and with a thankful heart remember God's blessings in your life. I pray that God will bless you as you try your best to be the mother your children deserve.

Thank you Louanne for sharing with us!

Monday, October 15, 2007

5 - 10 - 20

What were you doing 5, 10 and 20 years ago?

5 Years - We moved home from Chicago, bought our first house and were getting ready to move in. We lived in my parent's barn from around July - October of that year(barn being much nicer than it sounds!). New house, new town (kind of) and getting ready to start a family! Lots of changes.

10 Years - The young group days! I was living in an apartment in Normal with three other girls. It was my first time to live away from home. College Weekends were THE highlight. I was starting my second year at Heartland Community College (before it had a nice campus), taking accounting classes in double wide trailers with my cousin Dave. Old friendships were changing (I was in my first wedding - Jill and Andy's!), new friendships were being formed and very special memories were created!

20 Years - The 4th grade. Not my prettiest year - glasses and braces. AND, I had THE haircut that year. The one that looked like a lion's mane. I remember getting it - I had pointed to a picture of a page boy haircut. The women cutting my hair thought I meant the one on the next page (the one that looked like a lion's mane). I cried when she was done. It was quite traumatic, but I survived (and when it grew out a little was able to get the haircut I really wanted!)

Your turn!

Monday, October 08, 2007

What do You want to Know?

I periodically post mom interviews on my blog. Typically the questions are all the same (although the answers are always different!). Do you have any good mom interview questions that I could add to my list? If you have any ideas, let me know!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

And the winner is...

The winner of Jill Savage's book My Hearts at Home is....


Congrats! I will bring the book to church tomorrow (if I remember). Thanks to everyone who participated, I always enjoy reading your comments.