Monday, October 15, 2007

5 - 10 - 20

What were you doing 5, 10 and 20 years ago?

5 Years - We moved home from Chicago, bought our first house and were getting ready to move in. We lived in my parent's barn from around July - October of that year(barn being much nicer than it sounds!). New house, new town (kind of) and getting ready to start a family! Lots of changes.

10 Years - The young group days! I was living in an apartment in Normal with three other girls. It was my first time to live away from home. College Weekends were THE highlight. I was starting my second year at Heartland Community College (before it had a nice campus), taking accounting classes in double wide trailers with my cousin Dave. Old friendships were changing (I was in my first wedding - Jill and Andy's!), new friendships were being formed and very special memories were created!

20 Years - The 4th grade. Not my prettiest year - glasses and braces. AND, I had THE haircut that year. The one that looked like a lion's mane. I remember getting it - I had pointed to a picture of a page boy haircut. The women cutting my hair thought I meant the one on the next page (the one that looked like a lion's mane). I cried when she was done. It was quite traumatic, but I survived (and when it grew out a little was able to get the haircut I really wanted!)

Your turn!


Rebekah said...

What a fun post!

5 years ago: we were starting our 2nd year of marriage. We were living on Lott Blvd. in Gibson City, IL. I was taking classes at U of I (including choir conducting classes with Dr. Grant - one of my favs!)

10 years ago: I was done with highschool but didn't go to U of I that first year. I did a correspondence course through a Bible school that was called Telos. That was when I was writing 5 page papers every week for one of my classes and didn't know what "double-spaced" meant. My teacher kept saying on his comments, "by the way, you can double -space next time". I thought that meant putting two spaces between paragraphs. So, basically, he had to read VERY long papers!

20 years ago: I was living in Japan and in the 3rd grade. I had a nice teacher that year. She had a baby part way through and we had a sub for the rest of the year. Nice lady...she claimed to be a Christian...but also believed strongly in UFOs and that we all came from monkeys. She even told us which bone used to hold our tails on...strange! I had a very bad haircut as mom was my beautician. She usually got my bangs pretty short trying to straighten them out.

Mindy said...

I agree, this is a fun post! A funny one too! It cracks me up that you didn't know what double spaced meant Rebekah! Too funny!

5 years ago: Dreaming of this cute boy Michael, praying he would ask for me. :) We ended up getting engaged in December only a month and half later!

10 years ago: I was in 8th grade at Roanoke-Benson Jr. High and was keeping busy with all the young group activities. I thought I was so cool getting go to Bible Study at ISU with all the college kids. :)

20 years ago: I really don't remember because I was only 4! But probably very excited because my birthday is in two days and I'm sure I was dreaming of the presents I would be getting!

Kristy said...

This is funny and how interesting.

5 years ago: married, longing for children (and I never would have guessed our double blessings) but still enjoying the freedom that you have before they come along, living in our little house on McCormick, substitute teaching mostly at the high school for a variety of terrible teenagers.

10 years ago: my first year of teaching at Prairie, dreaming of Ben : ) (we were engaged 10 years ago this coming March), living in Morton with 5 other girls in a brand new beautiful home we rented, entertaining every weekend and having a blast!

20 years ago: I was in 6th grade, with huge purple glasses and frizzy hair thinking I was so cool with my tight-rolled jeans! Gotta love the 80's.

Amber said...

ohh Kristy I so remembered sitting with my sisters before school in the morning rolling jeans . . .too funny! : )

let me see . . .

5 yrs ago: At ISU after transferring from KSU, already in love with Ryan (he was a little slower : ) ), finishing up my last semester of my associate's degree at Heartland before heading to ISU. Living at 116 with 3 other girls having a blast staying up too late, hanging out and going everywhere!

10 yrs ago:
In high school, finishing up tennis season and probaby just went to homecoming. Spending my friday nights at football games as my highschool team won the state championship all four years I was in High School. Waitressing at a restaurant called "The Family Buggy" and starting down a spiral I thank God He saved me from!

20 years ago: Loving that I am finally in school like my sisters. Good chance on any given day was that my hair was either two french braids down the sides or pulled back to a side with a barette (I give my mom credit, I always had cute hair growing up. It wasn't until I took control that things got bad! : ) ) I walked home from the bus stop with my best friend named Jimmy who I got furious at when one day he kissed me in corner of the gym during class. Such is why Ava will be homeschooled . . .just kidding. . .kind of : )

Anonymous said...

This is fun Megan, it is good to think back and remember...

5 years ago: we had just moved back from being houseparents at Gateway. We were renting Andy and Marie's duplex while they were trying to sell it. Andy started his job at The Manna Group in October and we moved to Lexington in November.

10 years ago...Happy Month!! Newly wedds!!! We were married on Oct. 5 (with dear Mego in the wedding party AND your family sang a sweet song at the reception). We lived in a CHEAP (and a little scary) apartment on Willedrob. Andy and I cuddled on our used loveseat with a candle in our empty china cabniet and pretended it was a roaring fire :) Fun memories!

20 years ago...I was 10 and in 4th grade at a new school, Colene Hoose. We had just bought and moved into Rocky and Casey O'shea's house (they moved to Chicago) and I thought it was so beautiful! My very best friend from my old neighborhood moved across the street from us, which was very exciting. She and I always talked about how we were going to live together in a log cabin out in the prairie, but we always argued about whether we would have indoor plumbing (I wanted it, she wanted an outhouse) :) My dad said I would never survive without my hair appliances, which is probably really true!

It is fun to read everyone's post. Funny hairstyles, first kisses and crazy dreams! Life is good!

Anonymous said...

So fun :) Hmmmm.....

5 years ago: Just recently moved to IL from Missouri; painting, painting, painting everything in our current house & getting ready to move in (I can't believe I haven't had to move for 5 whole years!!!) Getting adjusted to Matt's new job, getting to know people in Bloomington church, pregnant with Jaelah.

10 years ago: Just out of college,and in October I had just moved to Bloomington from Indiana (do you sense a moving theme here? :), became a Christian which was awesome, Matt & I broke up, which was not so awesome. Very mixed memories (good & bad)from this point in time.

20 years ago: ummm, it took me awhile to figure out what grade I was in! I think 7th grade--wow, I loved Prairie Central Junior High. How cool I thought I was--ditto Kristy, I had purple glasses, frizzy hair, and tight rolled jeans :) Spent A LOT of time talking on the phone, looking at cute guys, and wishing I would get my braces off.

Thanks Megan!

smw said...

well, i had answered this the other day, and then when i clicked to post it, it said that blogger was unavailable, and when i tried to go back to copy and save it elsewhere, it was gone. very frustrating. hence, it's taken me awhile to build up the strength to start all over. :)

5 years ago-wife, mother to a one year old, living in harlan-a couple blocks from jaret's work, just starting to sell discovery toys

10 years ago-at purdue, staying up til between 1 and 3 about every morning, getting up between 9 and 11 about every morning, addicted to email, fun crazy times living with marie and teresa, one of the best years of my life for sure.

20-in 3rd grade, first boyfriend, first cuss word (about my teacher), kind of a punkish time-meaning that i think lots of kids sort of think they're pretty cool and try out cuss words and other 'grown up' things that that age. kind of amusing. :)

Lori said...

Meg -
This is so cool! It took me down memory lane...

5 years ago: We lived in our condo on Blair Drive and were getting to know people in Bloomington and adjusting to live as Christians. It was a very fun time in our lives!!

10 years ago: Living in Fargo, ND and in my senior year at Moorhead State. I just started an internship for a software company called Great Plains that kind of established my love of software...i know i'm a little odd! I was a campus tour guide, president of my PR club, student orientation counselor and a variety of other very outgoing things now that I look back on it. Life has made me a little more introverted, but possibly a little less annoying!?

20 years ago: I was 11 years old...and I guess I was in 6th grade, since Kristy says she was. =) I only remember that I got asked out for the first time and told the boy that I just wanted to be friends. I also had some funky colored glasses and got braces that year.

Laura L. said...

I love reading these.

5 years ago: I had just moved out to Purdue to start grad school. I was living in Marsteller and still getting used the craziness of a bunch of AC students living under one large roof.

10 years ago: Senior in high school at Gridley. Enjoying my last year (minus Senior Math class) and just hanging out.

20 years ago: A 2nd grade student at Chenoa Grade School. My haircut was ok but my glasses were thick and very unattractive. I was in Mrs. Johnson's class and she had a dinasour themed room. It was very cool.