Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer Eating

Peaches and plums have been disappearing around our house like they are going out of style.

I'm glad they are pounding the fruit rather than the

cookies and sweets which I keep meaning to make "tomorrow."

After all,

there is nothing like a juicy plum on a summer day.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Our First Gotcha Day!!!

One year ago today, we saw our daughter for the first time. It was a long-awaited, much anticipated moment that we will cherish forever.

And while the reality of the moment did not mirror our imagining of it, the reality was better and deeper than we could have hoped for. It is a moment seared into our hearts. A priceless memory, forever ours.

One year ago today we received a gift. One that we are still unwrapping, one year later. An amazing, smart, funny, cheerful, emotional, cuddly, loving, bright, lights up a room when she walks into it kind of gift. A year ago we only saw glimpses.
Today, she opens her sweet heart to us in a hundred different ways.

Using a Suhnism, the way she's melted into our family is "kinda awesome." She belongs with us and we belong with her.

She's a self-proclaimed princess who likes to boss "just a little bit." But she lets the rest of us be Kings, Queens, Princesses, Princes and Puppies so its okay.

She loves to quote movie lines, or her big brother, sister, dad or Grandpa's lines. She thinks they are all "so funny," and is quick to follow-up with a laugh.

Her speech is amazing. Instead of replying with a simple "yes," she will typically give a "yes, I can do that." She surprises me with new words like "nutritious" when I ask her if she wants a snack. She loves to talk. She loves to connect.

She may not be able to walk independently yet, but when she's in her walker you better look out. She will not hesitate to run you over if you are blocking something she wants.

Yep, our Suhn is one AMAZING kid (If you know her, you know what I mean!).

Today, June 28th, we remember once again our first meeting. We look back over the past year and remember tears and laughter. We remember special moments and milestones. We marvel at how fast the year went and how hard it is to imagine life without her.

And we give THANKS from the bottom of our hearts for the gift of our daughter Suhn.

Happy 1st Gotcha Day baby girl!

We love you so much!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Post-it notes are Great for chore lists...

...because you can always keep them close at hand!

You never know where the chore-list will pop-up while the boys are working.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Days

Summer has arrived and with it an onslaught of seasonal activities. In the short time she's been with us we've already tackled VBS, family vacation, and the summer reading program. Soon to follow is family baseball, swim lessons and birthday week. In between is all the usual every-day stuff, chore lists, grocery shopping, OT and PT, dentist appts, eye dr. appts, breaking up fights, feeding, chasing after and keeping up with my little herd, etc. etc. etc.

It's been fun. I'm loving me some summer days, at least most of them.

(Let's face it, with five kids under the age of 8 we have had moments (ahem, looonnggg moments) where attitudes have been less than stellar (for ALL of us) and bedtime or quiet time can't arrive fast enough or last long enough.)

With all the summer hustle and bustle, this little piece of blog-land has been ignored.

I can't promise that will change a whole lot in the next few weeks, but here is what I'm thinking.

While the writing may be sparse, I am hoping to share bits of our summer with you through pictures. You know, to keep in touch.

So until next time, Happy Summer Everyone!!!