Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Bed for Suhn

My budget was $50. We had my old twin bed frame, but no mattress.

Is it impossible to find a mattress set for under $50? No, but its not an easy find. So, I decided to pray for a twin mattress set for Suhn.

I ran across several ads, but they were either too expensive or had already sold.

So I kept praying.

Last week I noticed a garage sale ad that listed a twin mattress set. I marked my calendar and showed up at the sale two minutes after it was scheduled to open. The woman was still setting up when I drove by. I only saw a mattress, no box spring, but decided to stop anyway.

"Yes, the mattress comes with a box springs," she said.

When I asked how much, she threw out "$10?".

And then she asked, "Are you Kory's wife?"

It turns out Kory had been her daughter's physical therapist a few years back.

She told me we could have the bed for FREE!

I left praising God.

It was a small request, maybe even a little silly, but God answered!

I'm so thankful He cares about the little things.


smw said...

that is so awesome. and it looks great!!

Heidi Klopfenstein said...

I'm choked up. Thanks for sharing!
So thankful He cares about the little things too!

Brooke said...

I love our personal God! Those stories never get old!

And I love that bedding- that's what Annika has. Good taste. :)

Can't wait to meet that girl!

Sissy said...

Don't you love free? I love free!

Jill said...

Neat story. I love how God delights in even our small requests!

I love the bed spread, very happy and very fitting for a girl named Suhn :-)

Alesa said...

so awesome!!

teresa said...

beautiful story of God's providing a mattress set for Suhn. makes me smile to think of your little girl in her new bed.

Rachel Lynn said...

That is AWESOME!!! What a cool story, and what a pretty bedding set! I love the colors :) and Suhn will surely love it as well. So excited for you guys and hope these next few weeks fly by until you are bringing her home :).


Marie Stork said...

I love the bedding also. So fun and bright!

Taylor said...

What an AWE-SOME God!!! Praise God!!

Unknown said...

Love it. I am crying happy tears just thinking about how good our God is!
Thanks for sharing!

Jason and Emmy said...

That is such a touching story. We have had little answers to prayer on our adoption journey as well. We keep a little jar of stones so we can remember later how God has worked in our journey.