Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Good to Be Home


We are home and adjusting; trying to move out of the foggy-brain of jet lag into our new normal.

Or at least I am. While the twins have been up around 4 -5 each morning, they hit their days hard, full of energy until I make them go to bed at 8 where they promptly fall asleep in 2 minutes flat.

I have spent my last few nights keeping a detailed record of the rest of my families sleep patterns.

Zak's bed is currently a pack-n-play in our room, where he has been sleeping relatively well. Except when he's not from around 12 - 2 each night. Thankfully he doesn't cry when he's awake. He talks to himself and makes noises with his lips. It would be really cute except that it takes place from 12 - 2 each night.

He seems to be adjusting smoothly to our life. We have been taking it easy. Keeping errands to the bare minimum. Hanging out at home, getting to know each other.

It's been good.

Good to be home. Good to be feeling out our new normal. Good to be together again as a family.


smw said...

was going to text to get this update, but you saved me the trouble. :)

Alex said...

Welcome home!! What precious times those first days and weeks are! So happy for your family!