Monday, March 04, 2013

Time on the Island

I have been surrounded by boys for 2 weeks now. Yesterday, it was my turn to pick what we were going to do. 

AKA, it was time to go shopping. 

If you ask my boys, they will tell you it was BORING! 

A little boredom never hurt anyone. 

We took a taxi with another family from our group (a couple who has been with us since Zhengzhou and we have really enjoyed hanging out with!) and hit Shamain Island, home of the famous White Swan hotel (currently under construction) where we spent many hours wandering on our first adoption trip. 

It was a lovely day and the island has a really fun atmosphere. We hit the shops, bartered a little and made a few purchases to take home. 

There are statues all over the island. The boys decided they wanted to take their picture with one depicting the evolution of women in China. 

We made sure to get Zak's by the line of children. If you follow China adoption blogs, you know exactly what I'm talking about. 

We ended the day at Lucy's. We ate many, many meals at  Lucy's when we adopted Suhn. It brought back such good memories to be back again. The boys' loved it. They have told me they want to eat there every night for the rest of the trip. 

Probably not going to happen, but I'm glad they liked it.

Prayer Request: Kory woke up early this morning sick. We are hoping it is something he ate, but another dad in our travel group woke up with similar symptoms. Please pray if it is a bug, the rest of stay healthy and that he recovers quickly.

Zak continues to do well. He has been testing us a little, seeing what he can get away with. He has had a couple stand offs with his Baba that Baba has won. It is a good sign, showing he is comfortable with us. 

Today we were at a small park in our hotel, a women who spoke Chinese and English asked him how old he was. He told her six. I wonder if he was joking (like his brother Sean has been known to do) or if he really thinks he is six. Time will tell. 

All in all, he continues to do really well, he is a happy little boy. Can't wait for you all to meet him!!


Alex said...

What wonderful pictures and posts! Zak is precious!! Praying for all of the transitions there and to come when you get home. And for Kory, that he will be feeling well quickly!!

Anonymous said...

Fun! Glad things are going well with Zak still!

And I'm praying that Kory gets well quickly and the rest of you stay healthy!!

smw said...

will pray for kory. it looks like you are having some fun times!

Daniel & Kasey said...

Thanks for all of these wonderful updates. Zak is so stinkin' cute! We will pray for good health for all of you, especially for the travels home. Can't wait to see you all!