Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Sky Beneath My Feet

I had the chance to do some reading in China. On the airplane, in the hotel room during quiet time and at night when we forgot to borrow a DVD from our travel com padres. I had several new books loaded up on my Kindle for the occasion. A little Agatha Christie (Murder on the Orient Express), Kate Morton (The House at Riverton) and the newest Lisa Samson release (The Sky Beneath my Feet). Each book totally different from the other, all worth the read. 

The Lisa Samson book I received as part of Thomas Nelson's Book Sneeze program. They send me books in exchange for honest reviews. So, here is my review on The Sky Beneath My Feet:

The basic story line from the Book Sneeze description is this: Beth's husband won't be joining the family on vacation at the beach this year. He's not even joining them in the house. Instead, Rick has holed up alone in the backyard shed. Nobody knows exactly what he's up to. Maybe he's immersing himself in prayer. Maybe he's lost his mind. Maybe he's even the modern-day prophet or the saint the neighborhood artist imagines him to be. But while "St. Rick" waits for an epiphany, Beth will have to figure out what to do with herself and their teenage sons, possibly for the rest of her life. 

I have read a few of Lisa Samson's novels before and I gotta say, I'm a fan. I used to read a lot of "Christian fiction." I don't so much anymore because a lot of what I read was somewhat cheesy when it came to relating the faith-based aspects of the book. There would always be a "conversion" scene at the end, and while I am a big fan of conversion scenes in real life, in the books I read so many of them sounded way too cliche. (I know there are many Christian fiction books out there that don't do this, I just wasn't finding them.)

I don't think "cliche" when I read Lisa's work. Her characters and their faith were real and relateable. The story kept my attention and challenged me. (I love it when a novel tells a good story and makes me think, big plus!) Bottom line, The Sky Beneath My Feet is a well-written story of how God became real to one of His children. In my opinion, it was definitely worth the read. 

***DISCLOSURE NOTICE: A free copy of this book was supplied to me for the purpose of review by publisher. No monetary exchange was given. All comments and wording in this review are purely my own. 

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