Monday, March 25, 2013

The Dishwasher that Didn't

We came home from China to a clean house and meals that I didn't have to cook.


We also came home to a dishwasher filled with "clean" dishes. At least, they were supposed to be clean. The dishwasher TOLD me they were clean.

Only they weren't. And after a little bit of finagling and extra runs, we came to the conclusion that although we were home from China, our dishwasher had moved on.

And by move on, I really mean our dishwasher decided to stop washing.

I guess he couldn't handle the pressure and extra dishes another kid would bring to the house. If only he would have waited to meet Zak face-to-face. I'm sure he would have stuck it out.

But he didn't. He checked out. We had no choice but to banish him to the garage, away from the house. FOREVER.

And while I want to be sad for him, I'm really not.

The replacement dishwasher has since been purchased and installed. He purrs like a dishwasher on a summer evening. He cleans. He washes. He has made me realize that while our old dishwasher did the job... he really didn't.

He made me scrub the dishes before loading them into his cleaning jowels. He may have cleaned them, but he  never washed them.

Now that Mr. Clean has arrived, I don't have to scrub the dishes anymore. In fact, I can pretty much avoid rinsing altogether if I wanted to (old habits die hard).

Good riddance old machine. You checked out. You've been replaced. And I have a dishwasher that actually does what it is supposed to do.

Who knew?!


L, Ann and boys said...

So glad you've got a trusty Mr. Clean now. ;) Luke always gives me a doubtful look while I'm loading the very dirty dishes into the washer. My reply is consistent "If I rinse them so well they are washed, I may as well put them away in the cabinet, not load them, unload them...and then put them away." :) Me and my man will probably always load the dishes different, but that's okay. :)

arlan and katie said...

I love the word jowels...great, funny post!