Monday, July 19, 2010


If you are the kind of person who unpacks your bag immediately after you return home from a trip, the title of this blog post probably didn't even register.

The thought, "She can't still have unpacking to do after being home over a week?" probably never even peeked into your brain because that concept would be completely foreign to your worldview.

If that is you. You might want to stop reading.


For those of you still with me, prepare yourselves to gain absolutely no redeeming value from reading further. My friend Sarah sometimes writes blog posts entitled "purely pointless."

That is pretty much what this is.

All this hype to confess, I am not unpacked after being home over a week.

My suitcases are empty and put away. I accomplished that task by Wednesday.

In case your worried, the clothing suitcase was unpacked and washed the next day; we would have been underwearless otherwise. Just the kind of information you are wanting to hear on a Monday morning I'm sure.

Back to my point, or non-point if you'd prefer, I'm still living out of my toiletry bag.

I think it has to do with bathrooms.

I don't like cleaning them.

Kory tells me if I'd quit procrastinating I could have them cleaned in 10 minutes.

The same would hold true for unpacking my toiletries (which reside in the bathroom in case you were wondering about the connection).

And still they sit, because, well, I'm disciplined like that.

Maybe today will be the day I can officially say I am unpacked.

Maybe I'm blogging about this to give my self that extra boost of motivation.

Maybe the end result will not be purely pointless because I will actually follow through and unpack.

Maybe this will only be purely pointless for those of you still reading.

And if you are still reading,

I'm curious... What kind of an unpacker are you?


Emily said...

yes--- it will come as no surprise that the first thing we do is unpack. though i will admit that noah's suitcase was still by the front door, still full as of last friday!!!!!!!!! finally got that done when the kids started zipping each other inside of it!

natalie's version of unpacking-- zipping up her suitcase (still full!)and putting it in her closet. you two are two peas in a pod!

sarah.flyingkites said...

And there yoy have it...Purely Pointless


smw said...

usually the next day, although it can take a few days to get it all done. then getting the suitcases put away can take a week, maybe several. :( i ask myself what the big deal is. who knows? but needless to say, i understand.

Michelle said...

We normally always unpack, right away, well a few hours behind Emily. LOL! But not this time...we have not unpacked. No joke. It's insane. I don't have time! (but I have time to read your blog-lol!). So am w ith you sister slacker:)

Sissy said...

I am totally like you. I hate to unpack. My husband is always done way before me. I tend to take things out of the suitcase as I need them, and if I don't need it immediately, it might sit there.

I don't feel bad about this and neither should you. Look at all those kids around you!

Jill said...


Congrats on your new little one! She's so beautiful! I am the same as you...a procrastinating unpacker!!

Ashley Baner said...

My speed of unpacking is fairly good. That day or if we get home late it will wait til the next day. But those pesky suitcases...they sit there for at least a week til I trudge them up to the attic. Like Shar said, "I don't know what the big deal is" but that is the truth. Jon however would never unpack til the next time he needed the bag. I have tested that theory! :)

Leslie Ringger said...


...what's that?

i'm sorry to say, i'm a VERY similar unpacker to jon... HOWEVER i do get the dirty laundry out right away. but if it involves more effort than throwing it into a hamper it can take me an ungodly amount of time...

which is why sometimes i throw it all in the hamper... dirty or not... not really sure why doing laundry seems easier than unpacking... but it does.

Plattner Ranch said...

I would probably lay around from exhaustion on day one - catching up on my rest. Clean out my clothing and the little ones the next day, but the toiletries about always sit for at least a week!

As for the older children, they are told to unpack, but it seems someone always puts their bag away without checking the pockets, so the job is usually not finished until they can't find something! LOL