Saturday, July 03, 2010


Every day is getting a little brighter!

We made it to Guangzhoa. It was a rough 2-hour plane ride. Maybe you all should start praying now for the 14 hour one we have coming up in a week. God is hearing your prayers. Believe me I can tell.

So, as I said before, every day our Suhn is getting a little brighter. Less crying, more calm. Today we (mainly Kory) have been able to get some laughs. A very welcome sound.

Lunch at Lucy's was great. She likes fries and ate most of mine. I didn't argue. Kory also started to teach her how to play drums with her silverware - she's gonna have great table manners when we get home.

A quick tip - if you ever order a burger or club sandwhich in Zhengzhoa remember to specifiy "no egg please." Unless of course, you like that sort of thing. And goldfish crackers in China are actually fish flavored. Just in case you wanted to know...

She is still not sure what to make of me. She knows she needs a mommy, but she wants her old one. A couple of times she has come to me, crying the whole time just to make sure I know she's not crazy about this arrangement. I don't mind. I'll take whatever she gives me. She even fell asleep in my arms twice yesterday. Progress. She will let me hold her as long as she has Kory in her line of vision. It is really hard to see her grieving and not be able to comfort her. Or to see her and Kory laughing together, try to join in and have her shut it off and start to cry.

Even so, every day is getting a little brighter for me too.

Again, thanks for your prayers and comments. They are getting us through. I would love to respond to everyone, but my outlook is not sending properly. I can send through webmail, but don't have an address book, so if you don't hear from me, that is why.

Back to food (I'm trying to make this as random as possible) - we've been eating better than I thought. Sweet and Sour Chicken in China tastes a lot like Sweet and Sour Chicken in the US (in my humble opinion). We've also been enjoying dumplings, noodles and pizza. It's been cheap and good.

Have I mentioned before how awesome our travel group is? Some of them are probably reading this. But then, a little fluff never hurt anyone. :)


Heidi Klopfenstein said...

SO glad to hear that things are getting brighter!! Thankful you have a great group to support you, Kory and Suhn. Will continue to pray (especially for that LONG flight)!!

Rachel Lynn said...

Very happy for you three to read that things are getting better! :)
The pictures are great; she is an amazingly beautiful little girl :).
Hope the remainder of your time in China is wonderful....and that you start to get more of Suhn's smiles :)
Praying for you all!
~rachel brunner

Britni said...

I've been loosely following your story for a few months and wanted you to know that I am Praying for you!

Britni Eisenmann (Leo)

Ray and Marcia said...

Megan, You know she looks at you and sees blonde, looks at Kory and sees dark hair. I would think that is what she is processing. After all how many blonde Chinese people has she seen?? I would say none at all. Lots for a little one to process. So glad Kory is getting some smiles and laughs...he makes me laugh also (always has!!)

We are so glad it is going better and know that each day will get easier. She is precious and cannot wait to meet her. Hope and Suhn should become fast friends! Praying for your journey home! Love you! Marcia

Anonymous said...

Megan, I'm glad to hear you're seeing more frequent smiles! We are definitely a family that can empathize...Sara wanted NOTHING to do with me and clung to Brad. I was never even able to rock her to you're a little ahead of the game! Maybe the thought that Marcia had applied to us too...I looked odd to her as a blonde while Brad's dark hair looked more Albanian.

As you continue to gain her trust, you'll see her come to you as well as Kory. I'll pray for the remainder of your trip.


Sissy said...

That would be a surprise in your flavored goldfish crackers. Ugh.

Glad you're starting to see the very dim light at the end of the tunnel!

Rebekah said...

I'm so happy to hear that there is progress! And I will Definitely be praying for your plane trip! That can be hard trip when things are not so new!

We love you guys and continue to remember you often in prayer.


Erin said...

Wow, Megan. I have been and will continue praying for your little Suhn and for your whole family. I know it has to be incredibly hard, but it's SO good that she is so attached to her foster mommy ... it shows such hope of what's to come in your home :)

Praying for a long flight home. And for your journey as a family.

Unknown said...

What an answer to prayer! I'm praying for you to have patience, Megan. There will come a day when it will be hard to remember the Suhn was having this rough time. In time, she will love you... More prayers for safety and improvements each day....

Erin said...

As a family we sat down to watch the video of Yonas' original "Gotcha Day" last night - 'cause yesterday was our 1st anniversary as a family of 7. The agency made us a compilation video of a few of the days we had together in Ethiopia. Our last day there (day 6, I think) we had a farewell party for the kids going home with families and the kids still at the care center. I watched again, a year later, still feeling that oh-so-familiar heart-prick, as Yonas came running to Ross, sat in his lap with a smile, and I, reaching over with a smile, gave Yonas' arm a little Mommy rub, and he promptly snatched it away from me. Ugh. How that hurt. But it's been quite an amazing year to watch our relationship grow. Yesterday, his "Gotcha Day" prayer at lunch....

"God, thank you for God, I love Jesus the best,
and thank you for my family.
I love my family.
And this song."

...which was the instrumental beginning of "Mighty to Save." How perfectly fitting. 'Cause that has been such the theme of our year.

I look so forward to watching your journey as family of 7 begin very soon!

Much love,

Haley said...

Megan, I just wanted to let you know that you're all in my thoughts and prayers. I love reading the updates, and I'm so glad things are looking brighter. I can't wait to meet sweet little Suhn!

Jill said...

I love Suhn's cheeks! They remind me of another Asian dude :-)

Tami said...

I've been out of touch with blogs for quite some time but tonight, I read all your enteries about Suhn and your trip...I'm sitting here with tears running down my face. I don't know who I'm crying for more, Suhn, her sweet foster mom, or you. All I know is that I know you, Kory, and our Lord and that the heart of the King is in his hands (so I'm also guessing little girls as well). Your stories actually really endear her to me even more just seeing that she's so aware and sensitive and knows how to love. I know it must be so difficult but I'm sooo excited to hear that progress is being made, and there are no two families I am more confident in than yours and Kory's in showing love. But you especially have such a gentle yet authoritative way about you that is very comforting...I'm excited for you!
Love you all and cannot WAIT to meet that little honey! :)