Monday, July 05, 2010

Our 4th of July

So, we had a "4th of July" celebration with our travel group in a Thai restaurant in China this year. I know, I know, very patriotic.The servers at the restaurant were very accomodating. They offered us bowls of chips, wet wipes, kleenexes. Which we accepted (how nice) and were then charged for! Suhn gobbled up the broccoli and other steamed veggies we got for her. We can always tell when she is done with a meal because she starts to play with her food. This go around she would empty her leftover veggies into her water glass and then empty the water glass back into the bowl. Seriously, this kept her entertained for probably 20 mintues until it was time to leave. She was so methodical and serious. It was hillarious and a little gross.

I was missing home and our traditional celebration, family gathering, fireworks on the roof, not to mention my kids!!!... 5 sleeps until we go home! I can't wait!

Our 4th of July also included some touring in the heat/humidity of Guangzhou and shopping. We visited the Old Chen House a 100 year old buildling that is open air and is a kind of art museum. The building was really amazing. So was the art. In it, we discovered an airconditioned gift shoppe that was real nice (hey in 96 degree weather with 86 % humidity, you start to really appreciate the art of air conditioning). All in all, not a bad day.

Still, I'm ready to come home. :)


Leslie Ringger said...

happy 4th, mego... ummm.... suhn's outfit is delightful. she looks too cute!

... and we're ready for you to be home too :)

Unknown said...

We can't wait 'till you come home, either! Can't wait to meet Suhn in person!

smw said...

dear megan,
we've been gone for a week, and the one thing that i had a hard time being without internet for was that i wanted to know how you guys were doing!!!! you've been in my thoughts and prayers, and now that i read how hard it has been, i know why. i'll keep praying for you.

love you lots,