Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Shopping, Skyping and Cruising Oh My!

Shopping in Guangzhoa, and by shopping I mean visiting the touristy stores on the island where we are staying, is an interesting experience.
The shop owners are hard core about drumming up business and will follow you down the street handing out fliers, complementing your baby, or in our case commenting on how beautiful and large your baby is.

Once inside the various stores look pretty much the same, the biggest difference is the name on the door. You might be in Emma’s Store, or Michael’s Store, or Jordan’s Store, or Jenny’s Store, or… you get the idea. They put a lot of effort into shop-naming around here.

If by chance your name is taken… say you are Linda but there is already a Linda’s store down the street? No worries; just go with something like Linna’s store and you’ll be just fine.

The pricing system in most places consists of way over-pricing the merchandise in order to take advantage of the naive customer. Bartering is perfectly acceptable if you want to actually try for a good deal. Somehow I always leave feeling like I just got ripped off.

You’d think that would keep me from going back, but I am a glutton for punishment and have gotten “ripped-off” many, many times forcing Kory to officially cut my purse-strings and ban me from spending anymore of his hard earned yuan.

Today was another good day. We finally got Suhn to take a good nap. The last two days naps have been on the weak side. I’ll be so glad to get home where she has a room of her own to fall asleep in without the distraction of us to keep her awake.

We Skyped with our kiddos this morning. I love Skype. To be across the world and be able to talk for free and see each other at the same time completely amazes me. Can’t wait until I get to hug my 4 home-growns in person! Man, I miss those kids. 3 more sleeps!

We ended our day with a dinner cruise on the Pearl River. Notice how our faces glow in the lovely Guangzhou humidity.

I would have enjoyed it much more if dinner had not been included.

Kory was eating it up, literally. He filled his plate multiple times with delicacies like fish head, goose liver, pig stomach, duck and whole shrimp that watched him as he ate them. Frankly, it was disgusting. And yet, he enjoyed every minute… until he got off the boat.

He thinks it might have been something he ate.


Jami said...

funny so funny!! kory, you will never learn will you?! i can't wait to hear you tell the story in person though, i can already see the proud look in your eyes!! :)

the skype pics are completely awesome!

i love your picture with suhn. your faces are glowing but to me it looks more like your glowing with joy!! you look beautiful meg!

i love you all!!

htownjenny said...

Be sure to vist A Gift from China if you haven't done so. It's a nonprofit with proceeds benefitting Chinese orphans. I got my 3 kids some cute Chinese-style pajamas there that they all really liked.

Gina said...

I discovered your blog through your sister Jami. I love the subtle humor you interject into your posts.

Kasey said...

You are so funny, Megs. I'm so glad things are going better now. We can't wait to meet you at the airport. Love you all!

Jean Greiner said...

Megan and Kory,
I've enjoyed reading your blog and the interesting details about the food (ewww), the people and the environment. Looking forward to seeing all of you when you get home. Family camp is this weekend. Maybe next year for all of you....
With love and prayers,
PS Kory, if Physical therapy doesn't work out, maybe one of those "reality TV shows?"

Leslie Ringger said...

i'm having flashbacks to daish and stu's wedding... oh kory, you never learn :) the question is, was it worth it?

and yes, skype is a wonderful thing. it was so fun to see you guys the other day, and i'm soo glad things are going better!

praying for you AND can't WAIT for you to come home!

love you!

Sissy said...

I watch Anthony Bourdain sometimes and some of the things he eats when he travels are just too gross for me to contemplate. I'm okay with meat, I just don't want it looking at me at the same time!

Heidi Klopfenstein said...

Funny post!!
I hope Kory's stomach is holding up.

Suhn is a darling girl.

Praying (especially for the flights home)!!

smw said...

this was a post full of funnies. :) i loved the 'linna's store'. very hysterical.

so glad for another good day.

Ryan and Becky Weiss said...

Hi Megan! I've been enjoying reading about your experience in China. Takes me back to all the stories Ryan would come home with - he even brought home a good case of E.coli from something he ate:( The heat and the humidity that you are experiencing is what we felt in Singapore while we lived there.

Praying for the flight that you have ahead of you...I know first hand what it's like to take a 14 hour flight with a little one. Depending on your airline most of the flight attendants are pretty good at helping you with a fussy child.

It will be over before you know it and you will be home!

Kathy said...

Like they say, I "laughed out loud" with your last statement about something he think? We appreciate your honest, open way of sharing.

So touched by your story and your journey thus far with your precious 'lil girl. What a blessed and fortunate child Suhn is to be chosen by God to be brought into such a loving, Godly home!
May He continue to bless your time there in China and to bring you safely home to those who love you all and are anxiously awaiting your arrival!

Our thoughts and prayers are with you. -Roger and Kathy

Kristy said...

Cracking up- oh, Kory!

We can relate to so many things... Seoul smelled so bad too. One day I could only drink things, no food-iced coffees, smoothies, etc. It all turns your stomach. Suhn is such a sweetheart! One of the pics in her pjs I especially love as we bought Charis the same pjs. Loving our beautiful little Asian girls in their matching pajamas!

So excited for you guys to come home and we are praying for safe and happy flights!