Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Walk

Tonight Kory got home from work early and we decided to take the kids on a walk.

You know, cause that's what families do. And in my mind, it is a very family-bonding and togetherness kinda thing.

Any guesses where this is heading...

We enjoyed the idealistic, family-bonding type walk for approx a 1/2 block. Then came
  • the yelling to slow down and stay close by the parents
  • tears from one child because she wanted to be first
  • tears from another child because the other child ran into him
  • tears from the third child because he got in trouble for going too far ahead

We ended our lovely walk by yelling at our kids to RUN as we were assaulted by a group of crazy hungry mosquitoes. They were coming at us from all directions and hungry enough to bite through denim jeans.

We barely escaped with our lives.

So, reality didn't match my ideal, It rarely does, but hey that's okay.

Because even though the ideal makes a great mind-picture, it really doesn't make a great story.


Real Reedy said...

Things like walks always sound so good...until you face the reality of tears and mosquitos! I had a similar walk tonight - it must be the beautiful weather!

Anonymous said...

Ha! Very funny....just wait till they're all on bikes!

Renata said...

Well that's true - where would blogs be if life ended up perfectly?

girlie girl said...

LOL!!! These are our family walks too! Glad to here we're no alone. :)