Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Trip to the Lilbrary

We made a trip to the library today. For two reasons.

1. Story hour (or Tuesday's Tales as they called it) was today. The boys listened in awe as the librarian read them books. Seriously, they sat on their red bean bag and stared at the book with their mouths slightly opened.

I don't think I saw them move during the reading of the first book. You would have thought they had never seen a book before (although maybe they had never seen a book read with that much enthusiasm before).

And when the librarian sang songs and did hand motions...

They sat in awe and did not move. By the end of the third song Twin A started to catch on to the hand motions and got a few in before the song was over. Twin B not so much.

2. The second reason we went to the library was to get books. The boys picked their own books, which involved running up to shelves and randomly grabbing whatever caught their fancy.

I vetoed a few. For example, any Dora the Explorer book gets an automatic no. I cannot think of another book more excruciating to read.

And then, it was my turn to pick out a book.

I LOVE picking out my own library books (do I sound like a 5 year old?). And what made today's pick extra fun...

I had no idea what book I wanted to read. It was a surprise!

I just finished reading A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith. In it, the main character Francie reads a book a day. She goes through the books alphabetically with her goal being to read all of them.

I have no desire to do this. BUT, I thought it would be fun to tweak this idea and use it in my own way. So I decided to pick a book whose author's last name starts with A (and maybe the next time I go I will pick a book whose author's last name starts with B).

All that to say, I started Mansfield Park by Jane Austen today!

I love the library *contented sigh*.


Real Reedy said...

How fun. I love going to the library too. I'm jealous that your twins (plus the baby?) let you look long enough to pick out a new book. You're a super mom!

Christina said...

I totally want to read Mansfield Park, I've been meaning to pick it up. (this sounds lame, but the reason why I want to read it is because of the Jane Austen Bookclub movie).

I love the library as well. Me and my husband and the boys went together to the library on Saturday. Cole loves to get books and check out DVD's. I'm obsessed with the cookbook section and the new fiction.

Anonymous said...

I really like to read to. My sister Ashton practically owns a library so I borrowed Mansfield Park from her recently- it is pretty good! Have fun & I am glad you were all able to visit the library. Love, J

Jami said...

oh I love it too! usually I'm picking out books for Clint to read though! :)

hubergal said...

i love it, too. what a dear friend it is. i'm longing to go again-just came up with something else i need from it-and i was just there last night. maybe someday i'll be a librarian.

girlie girl said...

I love the library too! Were you in B or N? I need to start going to the family story time.