Monday, September 08, 2008

Oh bitter woe!

To quote my sister ..."Oh bitter woe!"

Our computer has been afflicted with a virus

Saturday morning we rushed our trusty PC to the emergency room (so to speak), but the damage was done.  An extended stay was required.

All that to say it is Monday morning and I am computer less.

Oh bitter woe!!!!!!!!!!!!

No blog.  No email.  No Internet.

No communication with the outside world.
unless you call the telephone a form of communication

Computer doctor work your magic so I can be reunited with my friendly PC.  

Hopefully I will see you, my dear bloggy friends, before too long.  Until then don't forget me.  I won't be forgetting you.

(A special thanks to my sister for taking time to help me with this little post written with *gasp* pen and paper.  How quaint.)


sarah.flyingkites said...

SOO funny, Megan!

Hope you'll be joining us soon:)

Tater & Haley said...

Hope it gets better soon! :)

Our computer was down the other day as we were messing with wires during construction and it seriously was so hard for me not to have my friend with me either. ;)

Holli said...

GASP! I don't know how one could cope!
Get well soon PC!

Marla H. said...


Kasey said...

We miss you Megan! Come back soon!!!

Renata said...

OH NO! Hope it's fixed soon! Back to the eighties with only telephone & pen - that's no way to live!!LOL

Jami said...

I'm thinking of you as I type away on my trusty computer!! Hee hee hee....

Oh what a dear sister I am... :)

hubergal said...

is it still sick?! poor you. are you surviving?