Thursday, September 04, 2008

Listening In

3:00 Am

Mommy woken up by a crying twin thinks, "Should I get up or let him cry it out"

Being a good mommy, I went. Wrong decision.

Mommy: Buddy what's wrong.

Twin A: I want to listen to music mom.

Mommy: Sorry, kid we don't listen to music at 3 IN THE MORNING.

Mommy shuffles back to bed.

5 minutes later...

The padding of little feet is heard in Mommy's bedroom. Twin A's head appears.

Mommy: What is it?

Twin A: I want to sleep with my blanket and pillow NOT mom.

Mommy: Fine, go back to bed.

5 minutes later again...

The padding of feet is heard again. Twin A's head appears again.

Mommy: What is it this time?

Twin A: I want to sleep with my blanket and pillow.

Mommy: Thanks for the play-by-play kid now GO TO SLEEP!

Ahh, the joys of motherhood do NOT include a good night's sleep. Or maybe I should say they include a good night's sleep NOT.


Mindy said...

Those boys are so funny! I love the "Not, mom"!

Marla said...

Ah, another good laugh at another grandchild's expense. Good for this grandma's soul.

Renata said...

LOL - Priceless!! Hope tonight's a better sleep for you - don't kids think of the strangest things when they should be sleeping!?!

hubergal said...

megan, this was hysterical. not to you, i'm sure. but fun to read. oh how we can sympathize. smith went through phases when he'd come into our room almost every night at least once for weeks on end. :( i hope this isn't a nightly thing for you, but if so, it does seem to go in spurts. (and a little bribing never hurt, either.) :)

sarah.flyingkites said...

That is so cute. I LOVE how he says NOT at the end of the sentence. Funny, funny!

Samantha @ the Listener's post said...

Too funny! It makes me thankful that my little one gives me the play by play BEFORE he goes to sleep...I'll have to remember that next time I'm annoyed by his stalling!


Ann said...

When my children were little my daughter woke me up at 3 a.m. and asked for spaghetti.

You don't know me but I'm an old friend of your mom's from college days - we enjoy re-acquainting when I get back to Gridley which is only about once every five years or so. Somehow I stumbled on your and your sisters' blogs and enjoy looking at them from time to time. You are a good writer! - Ann