Friday, September 05, 2008

Did you know...

Did you know that Hearts at Home has a blog?

It is a great (almost) daily resource for moms. Throughout the month you will find:

  1. Posts from our fabulous authors
  2. Mom Tips
  3. Book Reviews
  4. Recipes
  5. Mom Interviews
  6. Encouragement from other moms
  7. Monthly Giveaways!

In fact, in a little over a week, the Hearts blog will be giving away a Hearts at Home bracelet (hosted by Share His Story).

Help me spread the word and let other moms know about this great resource!

As a quick add on to yesterday's "listening in" post. I had the same little visitor last night. This time he came in to tell me "I want to sleep in my bed mom."

Thank you son. Thank you.


Mrs. Hany said...

I too get the nightly "play by play" at various hours of the night and morning from a little someone. Last nights was, "I just want to chillax (combination of chill and relax) on my floor for a while". Ummm, okay have fun with that. Hopefully they will grow out of the night visiting stage....

Genny said...

I need to check out Hearts to Home more...I've stopped by, but haven't spent much time there. Looks like wonderful resources!

emily freeman said...

Thanks for this reminder about the Hearts at Home blog. I keep meaning to look around over there! And I'm thinking about the conference in March. I would so love to come...

Shannon said...

I think the black mixed in with the white and khaki turned out great too. I think you will like that combo!