Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Reality on a Snowy Day

An ideal rarely matches reality. Take playing in the snow for example. In my ideal "day in the snow", the kids get bundled up, go out to play, have fun, come in the house, drink hot chocolate, and rise up and call mommy blessed. Playing in the snow, a simple pleasure that creates warm, cozy childhood memories.

In reality, I get them bundled up, which typically takes longer than the actual playtime in the snow (I hope they appreciate the fact that I said Yes!). They head out into the elements. They have fun for 5 whole minutes.

Then Simon climbs up on top of the slide and refuses to come down. Mya offers to catch him. He declines. He tries to go back down the steps but can't. So he resorts to yelling for Mommy to come and rescue him. I yell back - "You can do it Simon." I think "Please don't make me come out in the snow."
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Simon attempts to climb down again. He makes it to the first step and then is apparently "stuck". He starts to scream. I finally decide to pull on my boots and coat and rescue him.

About this time the others decide to come in. Is Simon happy that he is rescued? No, he starts crying because he doesn't want to come in. While the others are removing their snow clothes in the house Simon is standing outside the door crying. He finally makes it in.

I have hot chocolate waiting (a very cozy gesture - it's what Mommy's are suppose to do right?). Of course, the drink is too hot. One decides they don't like it. One spills it (and cries). One plays in it. One decides hot chocolate after a "day in the snow" is highly overrated!

At the end of our "snow day" experience, "cozy" memories are still created for my kids. The memories for mommy - not so cozy. But all in all, worth the trouble!


Kristy said...

I am cracking up! What a hilarious story!
I took Cade out today and he cried about everything.... his glove came off, he wanted to go in the front yard, he wanted to go in the back yard, he didn't like laying in the snow making snow angels, he didn't like the slide (we had a similar experience with the slide), he wanted to play in teh sand box.... it goes on and on. After about 20 minutes, I asked if he wanted to go in and he said "Yeah, Wiggle's, bowl" (his word for a snack). So much for fun in the snow. Maybe in a few years!

Mindy said...

LOL! That is too funny! The mental images just crack me up! Way to go for being a fun mom though! You definately get credit for trying!

Katie said...

Too funny. I don't know how you do it.

Jami said...

I am laughing!!! I love how you said, "An ideal rarely matches reality!" Oh so true...but then there are those moments where we get surprised by the beautiful moments and that's why we keep going...Right?!!!

ha ha ha!! (still laughing)

Closer to knowing... said...

that's a good thought-that they have the cozy memories. i'll have to remember. and try not to let me annoyance be so obvious that that's what they remember. :)

Mrs. Hany said...

too funny! My favorite line was the, "You can do it Simon" but the reality is you did not was to go out yourself... I laughed out loud(yes I had a class quietly taking a test) when I read that (because seriously who among us has not done the exact same thing in a different situation). You get an "A" for effort!!

Anonymous said...

How funny Megan, and how true :) A couple more years and they will really have a blast--our kids have enjoyed it a lot more this year than they ever have before, one day in December the girls went out and played in the (almost) dark for a long time until I had to make them come in.
I actually don't mind getting them dressed, as long as they don't ask me to go out. I really do want to go out & play with them, but it is always so windy here that I just don't look forward to being cold the whole time-I'm usually cold enough inside the house! But I do have fun when they talk me into it.

Kasey said...

Megan, I love it! You are so funny. Your kids might be even funnier! I loved the pictures. Thanks for another little glimpse into your life.

Tami said...

one of the funniest posts ever!!! that was great!!! love your kids. love you. loved the post. :)

Holli said...

It is so true....not just with snow but everything moms try to do! - But I think I am getting paid back and some day my kids will get the pay back too!:)