Friday, February 08, 2008

the train, the track and the challenge

My kids are big fans of Thomas the train. They love his videos (proof that kids don't need much to be entertained - the videos are very simple, they include the actual trains- no animation - and voice overs) and they love to "play trains".

Kory has joined them in this love affair (although he does NOT love the Thomas videos) and every night before bed he will build a train track for the kids (which they destroy the next day, if not sooner). The tracks are quite elaborate and they (I mean Kory) always want to show them off when they are complete.

I always enjoy that time of day. Kory is entertaining the kids (he is a GREAT dad!) and I enjoy some time with Sean or (even better) time alone! The other day, however, the gauntlet was laid.

"Megan, have you ever made a train track?" he asked.

"Me?" I replied, wanting to clarify that he was in fact asking if I personally had ever built a train track. "Why, do you think I can't do it?"

"I think it is tougher than you might think," he countered. "I challenge you to make a train track."

Well, yesterday, I took the challenge. I set out to prove to my husband, my kids and myself that I too can create decent train tracks. And, I think my end result was quite good!

The kids agreed that I created a decent train track (although typically the boys will agree to anything if it is presented to them in the right tone of voice with candy). But Mya informed me that Daddy does it better! Kory agreed with Mya's synopsis, but I think even he would have to admit that I created a decent track for a beginner!

Last night, the kids took up the gauntlet Kory had laid for me and created their own train track.

According to Mya, it is "the best track in the world." Maybe this one will last a little longer than the others before being destroyed. As for me, I think I'll leave the track building process to the experts and enjoy the free time Thomas and friends create by entertaining my kids!


Kristy said...

I love how the kid's tracks just end! It's harder to create a track than it looks, eh? I'm the track-builder in our household and it's rather frustrating because Cole immediately destroys.

Jami said...

very good job megan! I think though, to be fair, we need to see a pictures of kory's track as well! :)

Tater & Haley said...

I loved your post megan. Landon is totally into trains too and everyday I hear "play with me mommy"

I love playing with him, but I do think to myself "didn't I just put this track together yesterday"?

Marla said...

I like your track just fine, but I have to agree with Mya that hers is the best in the world.

megs @ whadusay said...

Mom - That's just like a Grandma!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on an inspired way to teach and promote creativity in you children.


Jim Diamond

Ryan and Becky Weiss said...

You do not know me but I know you...or rather who you are! I came across your blog by clicking through other blogs and I've enjoyed reading your insights into parenting! We have twins that are 5 1/2 and a 14 mo. old baby so can relate to some of your crazy days that you write about! Thanks for sharing:)

We moved to Singapore about one month ago so I've spent more time connecting with the U.S. through blogs than ever before. =}

-Becky Weiss

PS: I was a Rinkenberger from Cissna Park - your parents probably know my parents.

Holli said...

HELLO! I am so glad you found me! I can't believe you have 4! how are twins?
Drake my 4.5 yr old tells me I can't play...... Dad plays better!;) Really he rarely lets me play unless it is totally necessary.