Monday, October 01, 2012

The Moon Festival

We celebrated the Chinese Mid-Autumn Moon Festival for the first time this year.

The moon was full and we were ready for our night-time picnic. Close friends had traveled hours to spend the weekend with us. The air was crisp; the sky was clear. Lanterns glowed in the trees.

Traditional moon cakes were served along with pumpkin ginger cupcakes, blending Chinese traditions with American. 

The kids danced in the yard until beds beckoned.

It was a beautiful night.

Beautiful and chaotic.

Because while the kids did, in fact, dance... they also cried. 

Parents were tired. Kids were tired. 

Complaints were made about the food. 

Several "talks" were had before kids were sent to bed and parents collapsed on the sofa.

We never even looked at the moon.

Life in all it's glorious chaotic messiness.

 It was not perfect, BUT memories with friends were made 
AND lanterns lit up our tree.

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Unknown said...

Beautiful and oh-so-REAL! Love you Kaeb Family! Happy Moon Festival!