Monday, October 22, 2012

God or The Man?

A kind of game has evolved between me and the 4-year olds, one in particular. He came up with it, I just play along.

He asks a question. I ask a question. He gives the answer.

The question is always the same, changed only by what we happen to be driving by in the moment. My response NEVER changes, if I try, I get in trouble.

There are only two answers: God or The Man

Hey Mom, Who made the sky?
Who do you think?
Um, God.
Mom, Who made the cars?
Who do you think?
The Man

It is So. Much. Fun.

He could play for hours. I typically end it after the fifth question.

Every once in a while he questions me about this "man" of whom we speak. Where is he? How old is he? Can I meet him?

Periodically I remind him who created "the man" and how he was created to be creative.

The other day he threw a curve ball into our little game, a small, but fun, deviation.

Hey Mom, Who made the spiderweb?
A new answer, the spider.
Oh, So who made the spider?
Who do you think?
Good times, with a 4 year old. Can't wait for the next round. :)


smw said...

goofy boy. :)

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Leslie Ringger said...

ha! i love it :)