Wednesday, October 17, 2012

An Update on our Ming Ming

Ming, Ming. The update says that is what his nannies call him. It means "little bright one" in English. I like it. It fits.

The update also gave us a page's worth of glimpses into his personality, likes, abilities, dislikes.

I wasn't expecting it. We didn't get any updates in the wait for Suhn except her height and weight. This update came with pictures and words, lots of words (and not near enough).

They told us he is quick to share, that music comes naturally for him and he likes to sing.

They also shared a snippet of every day life with our "little bright one."

"Ming Ming, where are you going?"
"I am going to school."
This is what our Ming Ming often says.  Ming Ming is a child who loves to study and in the morning after breakfast, he will put on his backpack and go to school.  After dinner, he will put on his backpack wanting to go to school.  The nannies will heartily laugh and say, 
“Ming Ming is so diligent, every day he wants to go to night school too!”

Ah, be still my beating heart. I CANNOT WAIT to bring my little boy home!

But for now, in the waiting, I am SO THANKFUL, that he is happy and well taken care of. That he is with nannies who laugh with him and help him go to sleep at night.

That he is loved.

Under the circumstances, I could not ask for more!


christine said...

Awww! What a precious gift, to know more of your son. I love how you say, "...lots of words, a not near enough." And your insight in being thankful "for nannies who laugh with him and help him go to sleep..." Chills! It is hard to be a mama halfway around the world. You do so quite gracefully, Megan!

Sarah said...

LOVE this post!

smw said...

so wonderful!

Tami said...

yeah, i LOVED this...what a sweet little boy you'll have. And it is so sweet to hear that he seems to be very loved. Thanks for the update!