Friday, September 28, 2012

The Letters of Adoption

We've taken big steps in bringing Zak home this week. Hitting milestones disguised by initials.

The first one came on Monday, 9/24/12, when three lovely letters were sent our way:

aka: Dossier to China.

That special packet of medical exams, police clearance reports, financial statements, etc., etc. etc., the bulk of the paper chase, out of my hands and into China's. Huge sigh of relief.

Then today, sooner than anticipated (insert happy dance), three more letters came our way:

9/28/12: our official Log In Date, indicating China has received our precious packet of papers and has "logged" them into their system. So now we are officially waiting for, wait for it...

Letter of Acceptance. LOA means China has read our dossier and has given the okay to adopt Zak. I am hoping for those beautiful letters by the beginning of December, or better yet, by Thanksgiving (which would be pushing it, but would most definitely be something to give thanks for!) As with all adoption waiting, I hope for the best but try to expect the worse, or at least the realistic.

As far as timing goes, a mid-February departure for China is not out of the question.

Can I just say WAHOOOOOO!!!

Little Zak we are coming and can't WAIT to meet you and bring you HOME!!!


Cindy said...

Congrats on DTC and such a fast LID too! Sharing your excitement for quick travel to your Zak! Thanks for sharing the good news, your family is my prayers as you wait to bring home your new son!

Our Journey to Grace and Olivia said...

I am so darn excited. This journey is one that blesses my heart and brings a huge smile to my face!