Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The First Day of School

Up early, as in way too early. Dressed, socks on, Ready to go.

He eats fast, so he has more time to play before the bus comes.

Excited and nervous.

One not quite ready for summer to end, but the bus is coming. Ready or not.

Socks and tennis shoes replace flip flops.

Backpacks on, loaded down with supplies for the year.

Pictures on the front porch ready to join the menagerie already on Facebook. Say Cheese.

Here comes the bus. Smiles on. Line up. Here we go.

"See you after school!"

Back to the house. The Quiet shouts on the first day of school. Even with two still home.

One 4th grader and two 1st graders. Where does time go?

On to the gym and groceries before they come back. Rushing in the door. Big smiles. All talking at once.

Ready for day 2.


Marla said...


leah said...

i love your posts!

you make me feel like i was standing right there watching the whole thing! :)

Jami said...

i love this!