Monday, October 31, 2011

Something Blue

Tami's Photography Challenge, Day 11: Something Blue

We tell people to think Jonah and the whale, blue water.

It is a little trick we've done since they were little to help people know who is who. When you have identical twins, it helps. And after six years of wearing blue, his favorite color is red. BUT, his favorite color to wear is blue.

We've brainwashed him.

We've brainwashed both of them.

Last summer Simon received a shirt that had a little bit of blue on it. He didn't want to wear it because it looked too much like Jonah. Once I was able to convince him that it was his and did not look like Jonah, he went from never wearing it, to wearing it all the time.

He would have worn it every. single. day if I'd let him. If you look back over our pictures from summer of 2011, you will know which shirt I am talking about.

But enough about Simon; Jonah is my something blue.


sarah.flyingkites said...

I actually remember you telling me this "trick' several years ago at Gramm House and I haven't forgotten it. SUCH a great plan! :)

Marla said...

My first laugh of the morning!

Marcia said...

So helpful in getting the right name down. I had a set of twins as good friends in the young group years ago and they HATED being asked "which one are you" so I am so happy to get the right names down for your boys! Great picture of Jonah!!

heidi said...

I agree with's always been so nice knowing which was which. And now, I am able to tell them more apart by their looks, because I haven't had to guess all the time.
Love your something blue!

Tami said...

This was such a good idea for the something blue!! Yes, I've loved that trick too!! I love your boys and miss my little "loungers"! :)

Leslie Ringger said...

man, i love that kid... and all his blue glory :)