Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What I am Wearing Today, cause I know you were curious.

My friend and photographer extraordinaire, Tami, is doing a little 30 day photo challenge. She invited her blog readers to join along. So I am.

Today's "photography challenge" is "what you wore today." If you hop on over to Tami's blog (one of my favorites!), you will see her working the wrinkled shorts look and totally pulling it off. 

What I wore today... not so styling. It's a gym day (yay! my gym days are harder to pull off lately) and the sun isn't shining and its cold and after the gym I have no where else to go. Add that up and I'm working the sweats today.

And since you were curious about the turquoise hoodie...

I bought it at the Old Navy in downtown Seattle last summer on our way to China. We had a nine hour layover. I was cold and realized I had forgotten my white hoody at home. So I bought the turquoise one. Only to realize, again, several hours later as we waited to board our plane that I had, indeed, brought my white hoody. I didn't need a new one. Especially in the oven that was China that week.

So there you have it, two hoodies.

One of which I wore today. :)


Tami said...

I LOVE it!!! That's such a sweet picture too...LOVE that you're doing this!!!

heidi said...

love the story and the post!