Friday, October 28, 2011

Childhood Memory

Tami's 30 Photography Challenge, Day 10:  Childhood Memory

I could have spent hours spinning my days away in our old brown chair. She was my favorite place to read or listen to old records like the Carpenters, Psalty or Music Machine.

She was situated in a corner, the perfect distance from the wall making it possible to push my feet off with enough force to make it to the other side. I could spin for hours if I wanted, never leaving the chair or touching the ground.

I could also see out the front window. Spin, pause, look outside, watch a bird or the tree limbs blow or a neighbor ride by on a bicycle. Spin, pause, daydream, spin again.

As my sisters got older I sometimes had to share, but I always considered her my chair.

When we moved to the country, there was a problem. She didn't match. I'd like to think my passion saved her, but I don't remember. I only know that my parents decided to recover her, changing the brown to red.

I do remember being unsure the first time I sat in her. She didn't feel the same. She was no longer in a corner. But she was still my favorite spot to read.

I have a very distinct memory of sitting in my now red chair finishing Jane Eyre. I was nearing the end of the book where Jane was finally going to be reunited with her Mr. Rochester, never to leave him again. I remember tears coming to my eyes, completely engrossed as that perfect moment I had been waiting the entire book to read came into view. And then, my mom called me to set the table, and kept calling me until I was forced to respond, pulling me from the world of Jane and completely shattering the mood.

I think I finished the book before I went.

One day, long after I had moved out, my parents decided to redecorate. My old brown, changed to red chair once again did not match. They needed to find her a new home and I had the perfect one in mind.

I don't sit in my red chair and read as much as I used to, but no worries, she's not neglected, because I'm not the only one who considers her a favorite anymore.


Tami said...

Again, what a great post! Megan, I've loved reading your post and getting to peek into your childhood...I just LOVE Mia and sometimes I think it's because it feels like I'm getting to watch a little Megan grow up!!

heidi said...

I think my fav post yet!!

Rebekah said...

that was such a great post...and that last picture almost made me choke up...don't know why...but you know that's pretty good since I don't cry about much. love ya!

Leslie Ringger said...

oh i LOVE this.

funny, cause i have very specific memories in that chair too! i remember HATING that mom and dad changed it to red... until i got my hair chopped off and could find comfort ALONE in those oh so familiar cushions. glad it's still in the fam :)

Heidi Klopfenstein said...

I did get chocked up and teary.
such a cute post!

Julie Herman said...

i loved this post too! i don't know you that well megan, but for some reason, i can see you reading/daydreaming in that chair :). thanks for sharing some of your childhood!

teresa said...

thanks for sharing these precious memories. loved your post.