Tuesday, November 01, 2011


Sorry, no sunsets today. I'm taking a break from Tami's Photography Challenge to post yesterday's happenings instead.

We were invaded by a candy-hungry crowd including a pirate, Heidi, a knight, Bob the Builder and Snow White. They were wild. I'm exhausted. And with the loot they brought in we are looking at a three month sugar high at least. 

Or maybe we will donate their loot to the troops, save our teeth and see if we can go longer than a month between dentist visits. Seriously, our dentist has gotten to know me too well over the last 4 months. There has been talk of naming a wing after me, or at least a chair. This is something I'd rather avoid. 

Unfortunately, I don't think Hubs will let me give up the loot that easily. He walked over a mile last night to earn his cut. He has a bucket labeled "Dad's Stash" and has warned us all their will be a penalty for stealing from it. 

As for me, I will spend the next month trying not to eat the candy as well as taking on the responsibility of rationing the sweets, adding the title "Keeper of the Candy" to my already too long list. 

Ah, the Joys of Halloween.

I'm being sarcastic.

Happy November 1st. :)


heidi said...

Love it!

Leslie Ringger said...

oh man! i remember playing dress-up in mya's heidi dress! love the costumes. too cute!