Thursday, November 03, 2011


She has the most amazing big brown eyes. They are one small part of what makes her beautiful. 

Eyes that all but disappear when she smiles, which just happens to be another small part of what makes her beautiful.

She is the only one in our family with brown eyes. Beautiful brown eyes. I hope she will always see them the way we do. I hope they will never become something that makes her feel different or excluded.

We are all different in our own way. Some ways are more obvious than others. But even more, we are a family, a team, by God's perfect design.

Her beautiful brown eyes add a unique flair to our family and we wouldn't be the same without her.


mjsteidinger said...

She is such a sweetie--love her!

heidi said...

I even wondered if you would post her eyes. All your kids have amazing eyes, but hers are so stinkin cute! Especially with her glasses.

Tami said...

megan, you have such a sweet and loving heart which is very apparent when you post. i think that's why we all love your posts so much. i was actually going to ask if i could take a picture of "S" sitting for the "Sunset" picture! :) but decided i should stay in my own territory! :) she's soooo beautiful...i love her eyes. they're perfect. she always makes me miss my family in japan (even though she's not japanese) and i think it's mostly when i look at her beautiful brown eyes!

leisle deisle said...

love those big brown eyes! miss you suhnny love!

Ashley Baner said...

Reese is obsessed with Suhn!