Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Yourself with 13 things

Tami's Photography Challenge Day 13, Yourself with 13 Things

That's me with my 13 favorite apps. Except there aren't 13 apps, there are really just a handful. Only one that I downloaded myself last night because I am a fresh, baby-new iPhone user/owner.

The phone isn't baby new. Kory's been using it for the last year, but he just made the upgrade to the 4s and I, lucky me, get his Iphone4. Sweet!

So I'm trying to figure this iPhone thingy out, including all the apps. And since I don't have 13 favorite apps yet, would you mind sharing yours?

What do you consider the must-have or funnest-ever or just-plain-cool apps that every iPhone user should have?


Tami said...

Oooooooohhhhh Megan!!! I'm an iPhone fanatic...I just want to sit and talk about favorite apps with you!! I know, soooooo nerdy, and you're like, "oh joy." but I LOVE your "13 things"!!!!!

heidi said...

One of my fav apps is Imoji. Because texting is so much more fun!

Janie S. said...

I love my blue letter Bible- sounds silly, but there are several translations and it's nice to know it's there for quick moments of peace.
Also, Angry Birds does much of the same. JK!!!

Rebekah said...

I will have to show you my favorite apps tonight when we are together!! I love discovering new iphone apps! a nerd just like Tam! If you download Words with Friends or Hanging with Friends we can play scrabble and a really great version of hangman!

see you tonight!

L, Ann and boys said...

did you know that there are cookbook apps...? Well, there are probably apps for everything, but I just discovered this and I'm thinking I could save some money since I'm a cookbook buying addict. I figure if I try the app first and must have the book later it will be more cost effective. =)

Also, do you have a turn by turn voice guided's so much safer for me to use that than the visual one...I don't have to keep looking down at the phone.