Monday, September 26, 2011

He did it again

If you ask his kids or grand kids, or anyone who knows him, you would end up with a long list of wisdom. He likes to talk and the words that come out of his 80 plus years of living are ones to be remembered. In fact he made a list once, filled with some of his favorite sayings gathered and used over a lifetime. Some he used more often than others. I blogged about it once a long time ago.

He did it again the other day. I heard about it from my dad. He added another bit of wisdom to the list. One I have been mulling over for days. I think he is on to something.

He said, “It is almost selfish to be thankful for everything because it makes me so happy.”

If you know him, I have to ask… doesn’t that sound like something he would say?

How cool would it be to have a statement like that “sound like something you would say.”

Yep, I wanna be like my Grandpa.

I think I will start by giving thanks for him!

“Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”
1 Thessalonians 5:18


Marcia said...

I just ran into your Grandpa Edwin at Factory Card Outlet and we chatted for a while. One of my favorite people to run into!! He always blesses me with his words!

Schlipf family said...

I love to hear the sermons he is still preaching!! He is loving living his "thankful 80's". He is one of the most inspiring people I have ever known..right beside Grandma Pat!! You are blessed!

leah said...

oh i LOVE your grandpa! and i miss his bits of wisdom i would always get from him at Lifesong!

Love this post--and his comment didn't surprise me at all!

David&Kate said...

Totally sounds like Grandpa! And I can just see Grandma shaking her head in the background.

Ashley Baner said...

Totally an Edwin thing to say! I love it!! He is such a wise man. Thankful to have learned so much from him!!

Jill said...

Both Ed & Pat are such an example of living your life well! I admire them both so much!