Saturday, September 10, 2011

Read this

A friend forwarded me this link yesterday.

Man, I can relate with this post on so many levels. The details may be different but the feelings are so much the same.  I am thankful when people share their struggles honestly with Truth sprinkled in. It is therapy. A reminder I am not alone.

But enough about me.

If you are adopting or have adopted. If you are muddling through the aftermath of some life change or know someone who is...

I'd like to encourage you to read this.

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Sissy said...

I enjoyed the "after the airport" post from Jen. I'm glad that she is able to speak the truth, because, often, the airport scene is the last post we see from adoptive parents before they are overwhelmed with parenting and stop posting. We are still waiting to adopt, and I am not sure how I'll feel once the bliss of actually having it happen is over. Then is when it gets real. Thanks for sharing this.