Thursday, September 01, 2011

Caught in the Act

I thought I was being economical.

At first everything was going according to plan. No problems. Life was great. Until, I started noticing...

It really seemed like nothing. A few crumbs behind a chair or under a table. No big deal.

Then, the crumbs begin to show up on his face. I'm ashamed to say I looked the other way. Denial set in.

Things proceeded to get worse.

I started locking the box in the cupboard, but it continued to "disappear." It would mysteriously show up behind a chair or in the toy cupboard. I started getting sick to my stomach every time that box was gone.

I knew something was up, I knew it was bad and I needed to confront, but it is so hard to admit your loved one has a problem.

The day finally came when I caught him in the act.

We were getting ready to run some errands. He smiled sweetly and ran to "find his shoes." I followed. He led me right to it. He had hidden the box again for easy access. He grabbed a handful, stuck it in his mouth and turned. He saw me.

We silently regarded each other. The jig was up. We both knew it was time for change.

Hello, my name is Sean, and I'm a... goldfishaholic.


Leslie Ringger said...

don't worry sean, you're in good company. i used to secretly steal from your mom's "economical" stash of laffy taffies. i'm sorry to say your addictions may be geneitic.

this is hilarious mego... right down to his expression in the picture. too cute;

leah said...

so funny! love!

Klint & Sarah said...


Oh my, I didn't know WHERE this was going. My stomach started getting nervous like something MAJOR was happening to your family.


Marla said...

I am laughing out loud!

Michele said...

Look at that face!! How could you possibly be upset with him??? Cute story, Megan!!

Mom said...

I agree - that face is too sweet and adorable to get angry with - especially for a grandma! Miss you all and can't wait to get hugs after we're home from vacation!

Love -
Grandma Kaeb