Monday, September 05, 2011

An Adventure in the Backyard.

They were excited and that made us excited.

A backyard camp out.

I have so many fun memories of my own backyard camp outs as a kid.
Driving up to the gas station to pick out treats to eat in the tent.
Hostess cupcakes or Whatchamacallit candy bars for me.
Going to sleep with Dad in the tent.
Waking up to find him mysteriously gone.

An adventure in the backyard.

We didn't run up to the gas station to get treats.
But we did roast marshmallows and make smores.
Kory pulled out the guitar.
We sang Twinkle, Twinkle little Star as the stars made their night-sky debut.
We took turns telling scary/funny stories that involved ghosts, bears, squirrels, golf balls and smores.
And then, we fit five kids and one brave Dad into a 4-man tent, while Mom (that would be me) headed in to sleep in her own bed.

They fell asleep with Dad in the tent.
And woke to find him mysteriously gone.

An adventure in the backyard.

Epilogue: Kory tried to sleep in the tent until about 2:00 am when he decided to move in to the sofa, where he tried to sleep with the window open and a clear view of the tent. The kids went to bed late, woke up too early and were all feeling tired today. They loved sleeping in the tent and we are going to love sending them to bed early tonight. :)


Jami said...

I love it! Good times, good times! :)

smw said...

super cute. :) looks like very fun memories.

Kirk and Keri Plattner said...

we miss camping with you. we'll see you in Dec.
~Drew and Truitt

Mom said...

Oh that reminds me of our camp-out last year in your back yard except it was grandma and grandpa in the tent with all the kiddos! It was so fun and we would love to do it again sometime. Problem is we now have so many kiddos we will need several tents!

Love Grandpa and Grandma Kaeb