Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Snowed In and Catching Up

It took a blizzard... here's a blog post. :)

And dare I say it,

I have LOVED being snowed in.

It is becoming a rare occurrence to have a complete day at home, and running around with five littles (or even 4 when Mya is at school) is exhausting.

So today I am giving thanks for snow days, a change of pace, a warm house, electricity, and a strong man who is willing to brave the elements to dig us out.

In other news, for friends and family who live afar, here is what we've been up to...
Suhn started preschool. She goes three mornings a week, gets OT and PT for part of the time and has loved the experience so far.
We celebrated Suhn's third birthday. Her first birthday with us. To see her surrounded by HER family, soaking in the love was awesome.

Ahh, vacation. Driving 19 hours straight through with 5 kids is not for the faint of heart...

But the destination was so worth it!

There you have it, a catch up blog post of sorts, with more to come...


Marla said...

You just send Kory on over to shovel us out next!

Michelle P. said...

Wow! That's a lot of snow! We don't get anything like that here in Central Texas!

Loved reading the update on your family, Megan!

Jill said...

Great pics Megan! Love the Florida ones. From one homebody to another, I have LOVED the snow days too!