Friday, February 18, 2011

Screendoor on a Submarine

"It's about as useless as a screen door on a submarine," Rich Mullins once sang. He was talking about faith without works, but the same could be said of arguing with a three year old.

Believe me, I know. I have LOTS of experience.

Three year olds arguing with each other is even more pointless. I have been witness to many conversations between mine, especially in the car, such as...

Suhn: My name is Suhn.
Sean: No, my name is Sean!
Suhn: NO, my name is SUHN!!


Sean: We are going to turn on my side.
Suhn: No, we are going to turn on my side!
Sean: NO, we are going to turn on MY SIDE!!

Some times I join in: Be Quiet you two, I'm driving, I'll decide where we turn.

Many times that's the point where they decide to join forces and tell me I'm wrong.

And then a little tune pops into my head and I remember how pointless it is to argue with three year olds. You think I'd learn.

Actually you think they'd learn. How many reminders, consequences, etc. do they need to remember who the boss is? (eh-hem, that is ME just in case you had any doubt)

Someday (soon? please, please, please) they may actually figure out how pointless it is to argue with mom. Until then, I will bravely carry on, enduring the long, arduous, screen-door-on-a-submarine, I-am-right-because-I'm-three type of episodes/tantrums that come with three year olds...

...or I will keel over from the brain exhaustion that comes from listening to one too many pointless arguments.

At this point in time, I'd say its a toss-up.


Michelle P. said...

Oh, Megan! I sympathize with you! My five year old and 21 month old do the same thing! The "Yes!"
"No!" discussion is a common one in our family. It's maddening! ;-)

Marla and Rob said...

I can TOTALLY feel your pain:).

megs @ whadusay said...

Yes Marla, I'd imagine you can!

Ah, Michelle, I was hoping by five we'd outgrow it! :)

Amber said...

Hmmm - I think I should have written this post. . .but I'm not sure I've learned it yet. : )

and yet we love them - huh?!!! : )

Emily said...

I so hear you.... I think we're in the same sub!!!! Actually we will be soon!!!!! Praying for nice weather!!!!

Renata said...

Oh Megan
I do understand - my boys are four now, but I remember those days! God sure teaches you patience - you are doing so well - your family is beautiful!
Have a great day

Mom said...

They are so funny! All I can do is laugh! Saturday when I was bringing them home with me they were arguing about breakfast.
Sean: I want waffles grandma!
Suhn: No, I want pancakes grandma!
This went back and forth about 6 times till I finally said "I'll make both pancakes and waffles!"
They both yelled "no I want pancakes!"

Then they were doing that:
"We are turning my way" thing. about a dozen times.

You just have to keep laughing to not let it get to you!

You gotta love'm both!
Grandma Kaeb

Kelly said...

The conversations between my four year old girls are just as silly! They really make me laugh. I am thankful, though, that they have each other. Love the analogy of the screendoor on the submarine!