Friday, February 11, 2011

Not that I would get bent out of shape over something like yeast...

It's a small thing. a very, very, small, small thing.

My bread, that I put in the oven to rise, will most likely not be rising.

I am pretty darn sure I left out the yeast. The first batch had yeast, but the bread machine decided not to work. The second batch, the bread machine kicked in, but in my haste to refill the machine... no yeast.


I hate it when little things go wrong. They sometimes remind me that the world does not revolve around me. That the stars do not always align for my pleasure. That disappointments, little and big are a frequent occurrence. That I'm way over-reacting getting bent out of shape over something like yeast...

Like I need that kind of reminder when I'm trying to make bread.

for friends no less.

Unfortunately my friends will have to deal with half the bread for dinner tonight. (The third batch, herbed dinner rolls, I did remember yeast and the machine is working.) But the sweet braids will be a no show. No dough, No show.

And no sweet braids for you my friends, no sweet braids for you!!

As for me, I must swallow the advice I dish out to my kids on an all-too-regular-occurrence:

It's not a big deal, shake it off, and move on.

This is me moving on.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!


Emily said...

i hear you!!!!!!!!!!!
why oh why must we take our own advice???

smw said...

i hate interruptions like that. :(

Jami said...

Oh man and I was REALLY looking forward to the sweet bread! ;)

Rachel Lynn said...

Very timely post for me to read, Megan :).

I've been getting "bent out of shape" over a variety of "little things" that yeast.


Hope the rest of your weekend involves no further little irritations :)