Thursday, March 12, 2009

Listening In

Little Boy: Mom, I don't want you to come in my room. I want you to stay downstairs. Okay?

Mommy: Why?

Little Boy: I just want you to stay downstairs.

Mommy: Do you have something you shouldn't in your room?

Little Boy: Yes

Mommy: What is it?

Little Boy: Thomas [the train] wants videos in ours room.

Sounds like I need to have a little talk with "Thomas."


Kristy said...

that is so cute! :) Your boys CRACK me up!

smw said...

they are such funny boys. (unless this is repeatedly one little boy who ends up telling you his naughty deeds.) :)

Jill said...

Funny! It is do obvious when my kids are lying or sneaking something these days. I bet we will be wishing it was so easy when they are teens!

Hope your talk with Thomas went well ;-)