Friday, August 02, 2013

The Passionate Mom

 In her book, The Passionate Mom, Susan Merrill takes an in-depth look at the story of Nehemiah through the eyes of motherhood. She calls and encourages moms to be more perceptive, patient and passionate while taking on the task of parenting well. One of the core messages of this book is a call to intentionality. It is also filled with practical stories, tips, and resources that will help any mom become more intentional.  

Overall, I learned from and was motivated by this book to take my job of motherhood more seriously, planfully, etc. 

However, sometimes when I read parenting-type books I get the feeling that if I follow a certain formula, or do specific things or pray a certain way, my kids will "turn out" just fine. This is obviously not true. Although I do not believe this is what the author believes or wants the reader to believe, at times I got that feeling while reading this book. 

But, if you can keep from falling into that kind of mindset (when reading this or any type of parenting/marriage/self-help book), this book has a lot of good information that every mom can benefit from.

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