Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Tackling the Paper Piles

Back to School is in full swing and with it comes the MOUNTAINS of paper. And with five kiddos in elementary this year, when I say mountains, I mean it.

I don't remember for sure where I got the idea (as with most things, it is not original with me), but when Mya started school, my school binder started with her. 

This handy book sits on my desk and contains all school-related papers that I feel a need to hang on to for reference throughout the year. School calendars, Lunch Menus, Bus Routes, Class Room Policies, etc. I have a folder for each kid (labeled by room code) and when papers come home that need to be kept, this little binder gives them a place to go to. 

Another way I try to keep the paper under control, is by dealing with it immediately. While my kids inhale an after school snack, I sift through their back packs. Most of the papers go straight to the recycle bin, if I kept even a fourth our house would look like something from the show Hoarders. 

Every once in a while a picture makes it to the bulletin board or is taped to our book shelves for display. If an item has special significance or is just too cute to pitch, it goes in that child's school box. Then at the end of the year we sift through each box and determine what to keep and what to pitch. Again, it gives the paper a place to go. A place that is not my kitchen counter.

These simple systems have been instrumental in keeping the piles of paper that come with elementary kids under control. 

What are some ways you keep the paper piles under control? 


MarknBarb said...

Amazing! You are amazing! What a great mom!

laura myers said...

I'd enjoy knowing more detail of your organization of this wonderful binder. I was unprepared for the amount comng home and need to set this up. What kind of tabs? Why do you use page protectors? Etc, etc.

Jodi said...

Love it! I just recently began a medical binder! It's been great - I even keep my yahoo maps of how to get to different hospitals and specialist! :) Sometimes I just can't remember where I'm going! It sure helps when docs ask when a last procedure was... :)