Wednesday, April 24, 2013

It's not the Best Nest, trust me.

I've read The Best Nest by P.D. Eastman hundreds of times, so I thought I knew how this whole nest-building thing worked.

The bird gets discontent with a perfectly good birdhouse and tries to find a place to build a better nest. The raccoon already lives in the tree and the foot chases them away from the shoe.

Even when they think they've found "the place" and actually build an almost perfect nest, the tolling of the bell chases them away.

The key here is the speed at which they leave the less than perfect places. They don't second guess. Instead, they accept the fact that the mailbox was not meant for them and they MOVE ON.

Apparently the robins in my neighborhood have never read The Best Nest.

I understand why they think the light by our front door would be the "perfect" nesting place. It's dry and close to a warm house. BUT, there are also people moving in and out of the door ALL the time. 

It is NOT a good place for a nest.

Every time Mr. Robin starts to build, I knock it down. In the book, this would have only had to happen once. For all their dis-contentedness  Mr. and Mrs. Bird were smart enough to know where they were not welcome. 

Mr. and Mrs. Robin, not so much. We have been duking it out for WEEKS. 

They start to build, I sweep it away. 

I have turned the light on it's side, put objects on top, and read The Best Nest to them anytime they are close enough to listen. For some reason, they DO NOT get the hint.

I'm not sure what else to do. I can, however, guarantee that I WILL win this war. 

I am committed to knocking that half-made nest down as many times as it takes.

It may sound cruel, but I really have their best interest (and mine) at heart. I WANT them to find the perfect place to roost... somewhere away from my front door. 

And when they do, we can all sing together that song made famous by Mr. Bird:
I love my house, I love my nest
In all the world this nest is best. 
Mr. and Mrs. Robin, your perfect nest is out there. PLEASE, go find it!!


Sandra said...

I am not 100% sure this works or if I even have the right bird, but I think if you stick a fake owl out front near that light they won't fly near anymore??? We are currently dealing with dumb cardinals repeatedly tapping on our front windows over and over again. In fact they tap so hard there is blood spots on our window sills!!

smw said...

this was just the cutest post. :) i love that book.

Anonymous said...

That is one of my favorite books. I enjoyed your story too. I'm all for winning nature battles too. I am happy to let them live in peace, but treading on my front porch is definitely off limits. Beware! May victory be yours!!!! Amy Masters

Janie S. said...

We have Robins who try to nest in our light outside the garage- Pat found a fake bird (small enough to prop in the area) and so far the Robins are scared of Mr Goldie. I think the owl would work, too- just needs to be sitting on the light. We also have to leave it up all summer... Robins are persistent!

Unknown said...

Have you ever watched any of the Empowered to Connect videos? Karyn Purvis uses this exact illustration as she talks about trauma!

megs @ whadusay said...

HaHa Kelly. I have. And while Ms. Karyn knocked the nest in her story down out of compassion, I can't say my motives are that pure. :) It's funny, every time I knock down an attempted nest I think "I'm no Karyn Purvis." :)

Jodi said...

you crack me up!! I don't do birds - they "do-do" things on me!! good luck!!

brenda said...

This was a great post! I love that book; and from now on when I read it to my grandkids, I will think of you. Go Megs!!