Friday, April 05, 2013

Come on Spring

The weather is slowly warming up. 45, 52, 56

The sun gets in our eyes as we eat dinner, hanging around. Inviting us outside once the dishes have been put away to soak in the last bit of shine before the moon takes over.

After school activities of drawing, monopoly and homework are being replaced. The homework is still there, a big unfortunate for some more than others, but the balls, swings and bikes are starting to steal the show.

The crayons, markers and papers of indoor play will slowly give way to chalky hands and a driveway overflowing with color.

Spring has supposedly been here for over a week, but it's just now starting to feel like truth.

Maybe winter is coming to an end. It's always a little hard to tell this time of year, making the real Spring all the more welcome.

Days like today, filled with sun and outdoor play, make it easy to be content. And yet, I think, they hint of more to come. Taken at face value they are a welcome change, but if we go a little deeper, that is where the real excitement of spring lies.

The freshness, the warmth, the awakening that comes with the changing season give tangible reminders of things to come, when the death of winter will give way to the Eternal. I think these first days of Spring give a glimpse, a sliver of what Heaven will feel like. When the Shadowlands will leave us forever and as C.S. Lewis writes, the dream will be over and the morning will come.

We may speak of the temporal and say "Come on Spring," but deep down, our souls know what we really mean.

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