Friday, January 09, 2009

This Kid Can Eat!

The other night we had sloppy joe sandwiches for dinner.

The older kids each ate one 1/2 of a sandwich.

The baby ate one and a 1/2 sandwiches.

That's right, the baby ate as much as the older three kids combined.

Watch out grocery budget, this kid can eat!


Jami said...

Oh boy Megan...just think about when you have 3 teenage boys!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, how I wish my son would have the courage to try new things and eat like that! Take advantage! You'll have him eating liver and onions before you know it!

Drool Sessions said...

We totally just had sloppy joes yesterday! Caleb took the pieces I put on his tray, picked all the meat out and ate the bread. Maybe I should bring him over so he can see how it's supposed to be done!