Tuesday, January 06, 2009


So we made it home from Florida.

Driving. Through the night. With a one-year old who had a double ear infection. And we are all in one piece with no serious damage...


I did get a little sick on the last stretch of our journey home and that sickness has lingered for longer than I would prefer (I'm just starting to feel better and we got home on Sunday).

So, I have been staring at piles of Christmas presents that need to be put away, luggage that needs to be unpacked, and Christmas decorations that need to be taken down for the past two days.

Feeling nauseous

and overwhelmed.

With no motivation to do anything about it.

All the while trying to pretend that I never wrote that last post about "new days" so I can continue to do nothing about it.

Not that I'm complaining or anything, we did just spend a glorious week in Florida with near-perfect weather.

Okay, so maybe I am complaining.

And for the record, what I would really like right now...

is a vacation in Florida!


Mom said...

I feel bad your not feeling well - hope you didn't get it from me! I'll be there tomarrow - put me to work!
Love ya!
Mom K

Taylor said...

So, the big question at hand is, would you drive down again with the kiddos? How did Les do? Did you take any pictures?

megs @ whadusay said...

Yes we would drive down again! It actually went relatively smooth. And as baby gets older it will get easier. Leslie was a huge help, I'm so glad she came with us!

Taylor said...

So glad to hear things went smoothly! And thank God for sisters!!

Lead Finger said...

Love your blog! I also got sick over Cmas vaca and it lasted FOREVER - like almost 5 days! Must've been some kind of super-bug going around. Glad you're feeling better now. Hope to see you soon!