Friday, August 29, 2008

Will You Join Me?

Do you ever struggle to stay on budget in the food category?

I cannot lie, it is a challenge at our house. At times it stresses me out.

And then I got the following letter from Compassion International regarding my sponsor child Yesenia.

"I am writing with urgent news affecting your sponsored child in El Salvador.

Incredibly, the price for rice, beans and other food staples has increased dramatically in the past few months--by more than double in many areas--creating a life-threatening food crisis throughout the area where Yesenia lives. Poor families subsisting on $2 a day or less have been unable to buy the food they need, resulting in severe hunger and suffering.

Virtually all Compassion-sponsored children and their families in this region have been devastated by this horrible food crisis. The situation is spreading rapidly throughout the world and has the potential to threaten all of the children in our program."

Kinda puts my food budget in perspective.

Kinda puts my stress in perspective too.

$39 will help one family for a month.

Rising food and gas prices affect me too. But I'm not worried about my next meal. I have a pantry filled with food. I have to be very careful with how I spend my money. Sometimes it feels like there is never enough...


I think that instead of using that blessing on myself, maybe it was entrusted to me so that I could pass it on to someone who really needs it to survive.

Will you join me?

To learn more about the food crisis or to give online, visit


Jill Foley said...

Thank you for spreading the word about Compassion...I am an advocate (14 years) and sponsor of 7 children.

Llama Momma said...

I needed this perspective today! (After another $200 trip to the grocery store!)

You're so right. We are so blessed.

Renata said...

Thanks for putting things into perspective. I often complain about how much food costs, but need to be thankful that we are blessed enough to have it in abundance.

Anonymous said...

Great post Megan! I have thought of the same thing recently...I go over budget and I am bummed because it eats into my "wants" of the budget, NEVER a need. I live in such wealth but I am so used to it, so surrounded by it. Thank you for the reminder that we are stewards of the resources God gives us, shame on me for ever complaining!

Love ya, Jill

Ryan and Becky Weiss said...

Thanks for the reminder! We have been hearing a lot lately about how the increasing cost of rice is making it harder on our neighboring countries (we live in Singapore.) We have a live in helper from the Philippines who had to sell her cell phone on a recent trip home just so she could eat while she was there! It really puts perspective on our wants vs. needs. We've also tried to be better about not wasting so much food...that's always a hard one for me! Leftovers aren't always fun to eat...But, it also helps the food budget when you learn to be creative with the leftovers and not waste so much! Which leaves more money to help those who REALLY need it.

I like your comment about passing the blessing on to someone else instead of using it on yourself - I need to work on that!

Unknown said...

i agree....compassion is such a great organzation!! we have support a family in Ghana through World Vision for years. and, the letters from them are always thanking us for our love and suport and them praying for us....that will change your attitude, let me tell you!

great reminder...

one of the ways we've gotten our kiddos involved in our giving is that we set aside $100 a month to let them pick where to allocate. that way, they get involved early with giving and making those decisions...

Amber said...

I had to comment Megan because this hit so close to home - this has been such a point of frustration for me this summer fact, I shopped frustrated about it last week and our budget reflects (maybe cries is the better word) the results (I've learned I can't grocery shop in a bad mood . . .I lose the battle for self control).

I, too, have been praying that God can change my perspective from one of "lacking" to the truth that I have been abundantly blessed beyond what I truly "need". My own perspective of what we "need" is in demand of its own changing.

The problem is I'm thinking too much of "us" and "me." Thanks for the reminder of who truly needs our prayers and support.