Thursday, August 07, 2008

A New Day

Sleep is a wonderfully relaxing thing. Waking up, ummm... not so much.

Most of my mornings go something like this -

I am jarred awake by the blaring sound of an alarm clock. I quickly kick nudge Kory to shut the alarm off (knowing it will wake the kids). The cycle repeats every ten minutes, with very little sleep in between.

Somewhere in between alarms I hear the baby. Talking at first. Content to stay in bed, so we let him.

A creaking bed adds its contribution to the morning noises. That means the boys are up.

Feet padding down the hall, Mya checks in to say good morning. Then heads off to play with the boys.

Baby is getting a little louder.

Hubby gets up and shuts of the alarm to head downstairs for coffee and to get Baby's bottle.

Baby is definitely ready to eat!

Blood curling screams erupt from the boys' room, followed by pounding feet. The screaming intensifies and gets louder. The words, "He took my Percy" somehow make their way out between sobs. Words of defense come from the "thief"

Alarm clocks, crying babies and sibling fights.

Its going to be a good day! ;)


Jessica said...

You are hilarious :) Love the post!

Leslie Ringger said...

funny megan! you have my deepest sympathy

Christina said...

are you listening in on my morning? because pretty much that same exact senario occurs daily at my house.(minus the fighting over the toys--Cole just bangs around loudly in his room which just happens to be above our bedroom)

Jami said...

Oh how I can relate!!

girlie girl said...

Yes, why are mornings so hard!?!

Same thing happens at our house - feeling your pain!

Renata said...

This made me laugh! I can relate, although I don't have the crying baby, but definitely the rest. Usually I get "get up mum - the twins are into something/ doing something they shouldn't have".