Thursday, May 15, 2008

I met my sponsor child today!

I met a girl, my girl, Yesenia Elizabeth today. What an experience. She had the sweetest spirit and a beautiful face. I can't wait to post pictures when I get home, but I must warn you, pictures do not do her justice!

She came with her mom and a Compassion worker from her project.

Her mom cannot read, but Yesenia can. She is learning English. She wants to be a doctor. She is in the 8th grade and is working hard to keep her grades up.

Yesenia turns 15 in September. Turning 15 is a big deal in El Salvador. She said I was her 15th birthday present!

Honestly, I still can't believe I met her. It feels like a dream.

I always knew she was a real person, but to actually see her face to face, to talk with her, and see her laugh was an amazing blessing.

I feel at a loss for words. How do I tell you about an experience like this?

And now, as I think back, I start to doubt myself. Did I take advantage of the time with her? We don't speak the same language, but I felt a connection - did she? Was I what she expected? I know she exceeded my expectations.

I didn't get emotional while I was with her. I was so happy to see her, but I didn't cry. But thinking back over the day as I stumble through this post, I feel the tears welling up. And, I don't know what to say.

Thank you for your prayers. If you don't already sponsor a child, sponsor one today. If you do sponsor a child, write your child. We heard the testimones of 4 young adults who graduated from the Compassion program and each one of them talked about the letters their sponsor wrote them and the impact that had on their lives.

I have always thought Compassion was a worthy cause, but as a result of this trip, I have seen Compassion up close, first hand and I have been blown away.

Compassion allows you to impact a child on the other side of the world for Christ. I can't think of a greater honor.


Jami said...

Oh Megan! I'm so glad it went well! What an amazing experience! Love you!

Kasey said...

Megan, I have loved your posts about your trip. What an incredible experience! I am so glad you took this leap of faith, even though I know it was hard to leave your family. Enjoy the rest of your time!

Taylor said...

Hey Megs! I just logged on and sponsered a little girl 4 yrs old from where your at b/c of your blogs! I never realized how inexpensive it is to do! I hope in the future to add one more girl Addy's age! Love You!

megs @ whadusay said...

Taylor - I am so glad to hear that. You will have a huge impact on that little girl!

Anonymous said...

Hello Megan. Thanks for sharing your blog site with me. As a fellow traveler with Compassion, after reading your entries I found myself back in Peru with my little sponsor girl. Thank you and Kory for following God's call to continue to share His love with others. I am so excited to have you both serving for Compassion at the upcoming Creation Festival event on October 25th. Thanks for all that you do to speak up on behalf of the children!