Thursday, May 29, 2008

Listening In

To give a better frame of reference to the "Not" at the end of yesterday's wordless wednesday, please listen in on a common conversation at our house as we are getting ready for quiet time:

Mommy: Jonah, do you want to pick out some books for quiet time?

Jonah: Yes, mom

Mommy: Which ones do you want?

Jonah: I want this one, and this one and this one (I reach for all the books as he points to them), not mom.

Mommy: You don't want this one?

Jonah: I want this one, not mom.

Mommy: Okay, just tell me the ones you do want, not the ones you don't want.

Jonah: Okay mom, I want this one. And I want the train one, not mom.


Robin said...

One of our tough jobs is learning to speak their language, yes? Otherwise, conversations are lost in translation.

Vewy cute this morning :).

And THANKS for your kind words at my place--they made my day! :)

leisle deisle said...

man, we've got our own little personal yoda...or should i say, 'our own little yoda we have'

Sonya said...

Hello, I am glad you are going to the She Speaks conference in June! Hope to meet you there, and I'm praying for you today.

megs said...

Leslie - you crack me up! :)

Genny said...

So cute! Glad I happened upon your blog.

Erin said...

This cracks me up. I think one of my very great joys of being a mom is to hear the hilarious things that come out of our kids' brains and mouths. Yesterday, at that point of half-awake, half-asleep, Miles said, "Mom, I need some money." I said, "Why, buddy?" He said, "'Cause I want to be rich." I gave him 15 cents just to play along and that did it...he was rich. ha ha (Where do they get this stuff?)